Aaptiv Free Trial

aaptiv logo
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: $99.99/yr
  • Website: aaptiv.com

Aaptiv is an fitness app for iPhone and Android smartphones that requires a membership to access thousands of audio and video fitness classes and workouts.

With gyms closing due to the spread of Covid-19 in many areas, people turned to the internet for alternatives so they could stay healthy and fit.

Aaptiv allows members to get access to personalized training through guided workout classes from certified trainers.

There are many categories covered including:

  • running / walking
  • strength training
  • indoor cycling
  • treadmill
  • elliptical
  • stretching
  • pilates
  • stair climbing
  • yoga / meditation

The app is simple to use. You just enter your goals which will help you to find the right programs and workouts. Then you’ll be able to choose workouts based on duration, trainers or type of music that you like working out to and more.

All you have to do next is to put on your headphones and listen to the trainer as they guide you through the program.

You can track your progress in the app and access a supportive, inspiring community group of people just like yourself.

To get started using the app, you’ll need to pay for a membership. You have two options – a monthly recurring membership of $14.99/month or an annual recurring membership for $99.99/year.

There is a free trial available where you get 7 days free but this is only available if you opt or the annual membership. There is no free trial for the monthly plan.

How To Start Your Aaptiv Free Trial

You can sign up to start your Aaptiv free trial on your computer or on your mobile device.

In this section, I’ll show you how to sign up on your computer. I did it this way because it’s easier for me to enter my credit card details.

On your mobile, you’ll have to use Google Pay or Apple Pay depending on your mobile device.

You can click “Start Your Free Trial” while on the Aaptiv website to begin the sign up process.

1. Start with your fitness goals

aaptiv free trial evaluation

The first thing you’ll do when you sign up to Aaptiv is to do a short survey where you answer some simple questions to give them an idea of your fitness goals.

Each question is a series of multiple choices where you can select one or sometimes multiple answers about yourself and your fitness goals.

There are about 6 of these questions which look like this.

aaptiv free trial signup fitness goals

You’ll encounter this step when signing up via the desktop website or via the app. On the app, you might have more choices and extra questions.

2. Enter email address and create a password

aaptiv free trial signup form

After answering the questions, you’ll enter your email address and create a password so that you can login on the website or app.

On the mobile app, the signup form asks for your name, surname, your email and a password you created for login purposes.

3. Enter your billing info

On the checkout page, since you’re starting a 7 day trial, the only plan available is the yearly membership since the monthly membership doesn’t have a free trial.

You can change your plan here but you’ll be billed immediately if you choose the monthly option.

If you have a coupon or promo code, you’ll also be able to enter it here along with your credit card details.

Information on how much you’ll pay after the free trial ends is displayed when you get to the checkout button.

You’ll be able to cancel at any time inside your members area.

4. Download the app and start working out

aaptiv download app

Once your payment info is submitted, you’ll be redirected to this page where you can get the app for your device. You can enter your phone number to easily have the app sent to your phone or just go to the relevant app store to download it.

Log into the app with your credentials and you’ll be able to get started right away.

How To Cancel Your Aaptiv Free Trial

Trying out a program or app doesn’t mean you’ll always want to end up paying for it. This is why it’s a free trial.

Since a credit card is required to try Aaptiv, this means that they’ll charge you at the end of the trial for 1 years membership at $99.99. You can cancel before the trial expires to avoid getting billed.

To be on the safe side, it is advised that you cancel your trial at least 24 hours before it expires to avoid getting charged.

The above screenshot is from the signup on the Android app. At the bottom, you will see that is says you should cancel your subscription up to 24 hours before the trial ends.

Since I signed up on the Aaptiv website, I’ll go there to manage my subscription and cancel my trial. I normally cancel just after signup if the program allows you to do so without losing access.

If you decide to keep your subscription, you can always reactivate or continue with your plan after the trial expires.

Here’s how to cancel via the Aaptiv website.

1. Go to Member Settings in your Profile

While logged in to your members area, click on Profile in the top right hand corner and then click on “Member Settings”.

Click on “Membership plan” to manage your subscription. You’ll see that you’re signed up to the annual plan and they’ll show you when your membership expires.

aaptiv member settings page

Click on “Cancel plan” to the top right of the page.

2. Answer the short questionnaire

aaptiv questionnaire

For research purposes, you’ll be presented with a short survey to find out the reason for cancellation. Just pick an answer and click on “Continue to cancel”.

I chose “Other” since I’m just trying the service.

3. Ignore offers to continue cancelling

aaptiv offers

In an attempt to keep you subscribed, Aaptiv will ask if you want to switch plans instead of cancelling.

If you just want to trial without getting charged then click on “No thanks, continue” to keep cancelling your trial.

If the lower charges interest you then you might want to go ahead and choose one but keep in mind that you may be charged immediately as the only plan with a free trial is the annually billed plan.

4. Finish cancelling

aaptiv finish cancelling

Click on “Finish cancellation” to finish cancelling your Aaptiv free trial.

aaptiv free trial canceled

You’ll be taken back to the members settings area where you’ll see confirmation that your membership will expire without charge after the 7 day trial period. You will also get an email to confirm this.

Should You Continue With Aaptiv?

Should you continue your membership after the free trial?

This depends on what your goals are, how much value you got from the training and whether or not you liked this particular app. There are many other fitness apps available and they all have their own pros and cons.

I personally liked the simplicity of the app as a beginner to these types of apps.

The training I found was very engaging and I did build up a sweat doing my first 15 minute workout set to my preference of music.

Here are some screenshots from the app showing one of the training sessions I did during my evaluation.

aaptiv workout start
aaptiv workout
aaptiv workout

The app suggests some habits and some workouts you should try to do every day in addition to the programs you can add depending on your needs.

In terms of pricing, $100 a year is a fraction of what you’d pay for a gym membership so this is another thing you should consider.

Aaptiv is perfect for home when you want to avoid the gyms because of the whole Covid-19 situation. It’s also great for gyms since it does have lots of workouts that require different machines and weights. You can also use it for outdoor fitness activities like running, walking, yoga and more.

Some of the highlights of Aaptiv:

  • unlimited access to 3000+ guided workouts from certified trainers
  • structured programs to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • new classes added every week
  • access to supportive, inspiring community group
  • workout to your own music or the apps selections depending on your style
  • choose your own schedule and workout at your own pace
  • see your progress and stats in the app

Your 7 day free trial of Aaptiv gives you enough time to properly try the app and decide if your lifestyle can benefit from this.