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FL Studio is one of many digital audio workstations (DAW) available for recording, composing, producing, mixing and editing music.

The DAW is particularly popular with hip-hop and EDM producers, many of whom started out using FL Studio to learn digital music production.

Image Line, the company which owns FL Studio, makes the DAW available for users to download for free as a demo version. The demo is fully functional but although you can save projects, you cannot reopen them.

Upgrading unlocks this limitation and starts with the entry level version known as the Fruity Edition priced at $99.

The demo version allows you to test FL Studio, it’s native plugins and features.

In 2024, FL Studio has some great features for the modern producer. These include:

  • AI-powered stem separation
  • Scale snapping (useful if you don’t have music theory training)
  • Audio editors (for chopping samples, advanced audio repair and sound design)
  • Colored waveforms
  • Hardware integrations
  • 100+ exclusive plugins

How To Get Started with FL Studio

Getting started with FL Studio is easy and free. The demo is available for both Mac and Windows and is required if you want to continue with a license.

From the Image Line website, you can visit the FL Studio download page by clicking either the “Try for free” or “Download” buttons.

download FL Studio free trial version

Then just choose between the Windows or macOS versions depending on what operating system is on your computer.

FL Studio free trial download

Once installed on your computer, you can open the DAW to get started composing music and exploring what is offered.

With the free demo version, which is fully functional, you can:

  • Save FL Studio projects
  • Export Wav, MP3, Flac, Midi and Video

You can’t:

  • Reopen saved FL Studio projects.

There is no time limitation on how long you can use the FL Studio demo. You will get the most benefits though when you purchase a license which starts at $99 for the Fruity Edition.

Why Upgrade To Full Version of FL Studio

The biggest limitation of the FL Studio demo is that you cannot reopen saved projects.

FL Studio’s free trial is there so that you can test drive their DAW as much as you like. If you’re serious about music production and want to continue with FL Studio then you will need to have a license for a paid version of the software.

This unlocks all your saved projects and the full experience of making beats with FL Studio.

Other benefits of owning the DAW include:

  • Lifetime free updates (you’ll always have the latest version)
  • Download anytime & anywhere (always have access to your registration)
  • Personal help & support from FL Studio technicians

There are 4 different editions of FL Studio available.

  1. Fruity Edition ($99) – basic, entry level version
  2. Producer Edition ($199) – full virtual studio and the most popular version
  3. Signature Edition ($299) – producer edition + advanced plugins
  4. All Plugins Edition ($499) – Has all features, effects and every native plugin at the time of purchase

Whichever version you choose, you’ll still need to download the FL Studio demo and then use your registration code to unlock it.

So download the FL Studio demo today to get started with one of the most popular digital audio workstations producers are using.