Easil Free Trial

  • Duration: 30 days
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Credit Card: No
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: From $7.50/month
  • Website: about.easil.com

Easil is a graphic design tool that creators and brands can use to create marketing material and graphics using templates.

You can create everything from flyers and brochures to infographics and food menus as well as social media graphics for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

There are many features included that you’d expect a design tool to have such as background remover, brand kits, color palette generators, template resizer and more.

Easil website

The tool has a free to use basic version but this comes with lots of limitations. Paid plans start at $7.50/month or $75/year for the Plus upgrade which removes some of these limitations.

Easil Plus comes with a 30-day free trial so that you can try out some of the great features of Easil and design whatever you want.

Since it is free to get started, anyone can start an account with Easil and design graphics. The great thing about getting started for free is that you automatically start an Easil Plus free trial so you’re using the pro features right out the gate. You don’t even need a credit card to get started with a free trial.

Below, I’ll show you how to get started with Easil Plus and some other things you probably want to know about the tool.

Getting Started With Easil Free Trial

Most graphic design tools online will let you get started for free. Easil is no different but as expected, it comes with some limitations.

To get started, you can either connect with your Facebook or Google account or sign up with good ol’ email address and password.

Easil account creation form.

Once signed up, you’ll go through a quick onboarding process which you can skip if you choose. Then you’ll have access to your dashboard where you can start designing stuff.

You’ll find that there are no limitations when you first begin and this is because you automatically start your Easil Plus free trial on sign up. After the 30 day trial period, your account will revert to Easil’s free Basic account where you’ll encounter the limitations. In other words, you’ll miss some of the pro features present in the Plus version.

To check when your free trial subscription ends and how many days you have left, simply hit the “subscription” link in the top navigation of your account dashboard.

Easil free trial information

Some of the features present in the Easil Plus free trial that will be removed once you’re downgraded to Easil Basic are:

  • text masking (adding images to fonts)
  • brand kits
  • download transparent png
  • download printable pdf
  • image resizer
  • upload your own fonts
  • saving favorites

Although background removal is a Plus feature, you wouldn’t get any background removal credits during your free trial. You’ll need to be on a paid plan to be able to remove backgrounds from images.

You can always add your credit card any time and upgrade to a paid plan if you don’t want to lose any of these features once your trial runs out.

Easil Pricing After Free Trial

You don’t need a credit card to start an Easil free trial so this means that you wouldn’t get charged automatically when your trial runs out. Instead you’ll get downgraded to Easil’s free Basic plan.

Easil Plus is just the start of pro access. There are two other plans besides Plus for brands with different needs.

The Edge plan is identical to Plus but with priority support and the Easil Edge guarantee – if you can’t find a specific design that works for what you want, Easil will design it for free. Easil Edge also has more templates and more free background removal credits as well as a 15% discount on print purchases.

Easil Enterprise is a custom plan for larger brands that come with an account manager and custom branded portal. You’ll need to contact Easil for pricing.

The two paid plans with fixed pricing are the Easil Plus plan and the Easil Edge plan.

Easil Plus costs $7.50 when paying on a monthly basis and $75/year if you pay annually. Annual subscriptions work out to about $6.25/month.

With it’s Easil Edge guarantee and more resources, the Easil Edge plan is significantly more expensive. Monthly plans start at $59 per user and if you paid annually it would cost $49/month billed as $588/year.

Easil is an Australian company so prices are quoted on the site in both US dollars and AUS dollars.

Should You Upgrade to an Easil Paid Plan?

Easil is a worthy alternative to popular design tools like Canva. Easil Plus easily rivals Canva Pro in design features although they have far less templates and resources.

There seems to be some unique features available in Easil that you may not find in other design tools. For example, I couldn’t find a comparable feature in Canva to Easil’s text masking where you can add photos to fonts.

The Easil Edge guarantee is another feature that I would definitely pay for and use. Normally, I would have to search on a number of these graphic design websites in order to find a specific design that worked for what I want to do. With Easil Edge’s guarantee, I could just ask Easil to design it for me – for free.

Easil Edge does not come with a free trial but it is almost identical to Easil Plus so doing a free trial lets you see what’s possible with Easil.

If you have any doubt about using Easil, give it a try for a whole month and see what you can design.