Tidal Free Trial

  • Duration: 30 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: 61 countries
  • Price After Trial: From $10.99
  • Website: tidal.com

Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service which also offers podcasts and music videos in high definition.

The service focuses on quality, offering ad-free music streams in high fidelity sound (Hi-Fi) and Master quality authenticated (MQA) audio.

With over 70 million tracks, subscribers also get lots of expertly curated playlists matched to their interests.

Tidal desktop player

Originally started by Jay-Z (but now owned by financial services company Square), the streaming service is available in 61 countries worldwide and steadily expanding.

Subscribers can stream on their favorite devices, including mobile phones and tablets with iOS and Android apps, desktop, browser web player, on your TV with Roku, Apple TV and FireTV and even in your car.

To get started with Tidal, they offer a 30-day free trial so you can try the service. There might be longer trial lengths with special offers but the standard trial duration is 30 days with your credit card required.

There are no free tiers available on Tidal as there is with other streaming music services like Spotify.

Below, I’ll show you how to get started with your trial, how to cancel and more info about your Tidal free trial.

Starting Your 30-Day Tidal Free Trial

In order to use Tidal on your mobile phone, desktop or anywhere else, you’ll need to have a subscription.

Plans start at $10.99/month but a 30-day free trial is available for you to try out the service.

You can download and sign up on apps for iOS or Android devices but I signed up on desktop to try the desktop app as Tidal mobile isn’t available in my country. The screenshots below will show the sign-up process on a desktop.

1. Sign up with email or Facebook etc.

Tidal free trial signup

After clicking on the “start your free trial” button on the Tidal website, you’ll get this page to create your account. You can sign up with email and password or use one of the social connect links (Facebook, Apple or Twitter) to create your account.

2. Accept Terms and Privacy

Tidal accept terms

To continue the signup process, you’ll need to accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy of Tidal. Click on “I accept” to continue signing up for the free trial.

3. Choose your plan

Tidal plans

The next step is to choose which plan you would like to free trial. There are three options – Individual, Family and Student. All plans come with the same quality sound, an upgrade from when Tidal has two different plans with standard quality sound (320 kbps) or HiFi which lets you listen with high fidelity quality (1411 kbps) and Master quality (9216 kbps) when available.

You can also choose to extend your trial to 60 days by paying $2.

On this page you can also add a DJ Extension on the Individual plan for $9/month.

4. Checkout with credit card or PayPal

Tidal free trial billing options

When you’ve decided on which plan you want to free trial, you’ll be taken to the checkout page where you can use with your credit card or PayPal to checkout.

You wouldn’t be billed until after your trial ends in 30 days.

5. Download the app

Tidal download app

Once you’ve successfully added your payment method, you’ll be welcomed to Tidal and can then download the app or start the on-boarding process if you signed up in the app.

Getting Started with Tidal

To customize your experience, Tidal gets you started with their on-boarding process. This is where they get to know your likes so they can offer you playlists tailored especially for you.

Tidal free trial onboarding

You can choose as many artists as you want that you listen to from different genres. Then click continue to go to your dashboard which will be populated with artist radio playlists and your welcome playlist.

You can then explore the app to find music videos, podcasts, tracks, albums and more that you can listen to in high quality sound.

On desktop, you can use the app or listen in your browser with the Tidal web player.

How to Cancel Tidal During Free Trial

If you’re not entirely sold on Tidal, you will probably want to cancel your subscription. Tidal promises that you can cancel at anytime during your free trial.

You can cancel in your account and continue to use the service with all the features of the plan until your trial expires.

Here’s how to cancel.

1. Log into your account

In your browser, when you log into your Tidal account, you’ll go directly to this page where the first box is to manage your subscription.

Click on this box to manage your subscription and cancel your free trial.

2. Yes, stop your subscription

Tidal cancel subscription

Tidal doesn’t want you to cancel so they’ll remind you of what you’ll be losing if you were to cancel and gives you the option to change your mind.

They also offer support just in case you’re having trouble.

And if you scroll down, you’ll be given a special discount offer of 20% off for 3 months.

Of course, if you’re not interested in any of these options, you should click on the “Yes, stop my subscription” button.

3. Complete the short exit survey

Tidal exit survey

Complete the Tidal exit survey to help them understand why you’re cancelling your subscription. The survey is about 4 pages with about 6 questions.

On completion of the survey, you’ll get the following confirmation that your subscription was stopped.

Tidal subscription stopped

Further confirmation can be found in the subscription page. Your subscription will come to a full stop on the day your trial expires.

Tidal Pricing After Free Trial

There is only one Tidal plan for individuals that you can choose from on signup. Other alternative plans are available depending on your needs or if you qualify. Your choice determines what you’ll pay when the trial ends.

All plans give you access to high fidelity sound (1411 kbps) and master quality audio (9216 kbps) when available. The price for an individual plan is $10.99/month and has an optional DJ Extension plan for an additional $9/month.

There is also pricing for family plans. Family plans are $16.99/month and have clean playlists and curated content for kids.

Verified students get discounts of over 50% off, paying only $4.99/month for access.

You wouldn’t get charged until your free trial ends at which point you’re automatically billed to the payment method you signed up with.

Should You Keep Tidal After the Free Trial

With a host of free and premium music streaming services available, you might be asking yourself the question of whether or not to keep Tidal after your free trial.

This depends on your reason for signing up to Tidal in the first place. Tidal has in the past been a platform of exclusivity for some album releases and artist catalogues.

If you signed up just to listen to a specific album then the decision might be an easy one.

Tidal also has some features that aren’t widely available on streaming services. For example, being able to listen to tracks in master quality authenticated and high fidelity sound is one benefit.

Some other features offered by Tidal to consider:

  • 70 million tracks, ad-free with unlimited skips
  • 250,000+ music videos, livestreams and events in high definition
  • listen offline, in your car or on any device
  • thousands of hand-picked playlists, mixes and artist radio
  • create your own library and playlists
  • family plan for up to 5 users

The 30-day Tidal free trial will help you to decide if it is for you or not so make the most of your streaming for the next month.