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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: No
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: From $29.90/month
  • Website:

With the tagline “compressed knowledge”, GetAbstract has one of the biggest libraries of books summaries online.

The website features over 27,000 titles and produce new summaries consistently for it’s membership website and apps which are available for both Android and iOS devices.

GetAbstract is also one of the oldest book summaries websites. It was started in 1999 and operates from Switzerland.

GetAbstract website

The website is aimed at businesses who want to empower their workforce and individuals seeking to educate and improve themselves in different areas of their business and personal lives.

To get started with GetAbstract, you can create a free account and get a three day free trial which allows you to browse the huge library of abstracts (summaries).

No credit card is required to start the trial and when the three days are up, you’ll be asked to get a subscription or lose access to the service.

Getting started is easy as you’ll see below.

Get Started with GetAbstract Free Trial

There are two ways to get started with a GetAbstract free trial.

  1. Sign up through the GetAbstract website
  2. Sign up through the GetAbstract apps for iPhone or Android.

I normally work from my laptop so I’ll be showing you how easy it is to sign up using the website.

Signing up is easy and does not require that you enter any payment information.

1. Enter your email address to start

Getabstract free trial enter email.

After you click the button to start your trial, you will get a pop-up that asks you to choose how you’d like to use GetAstract. There are only two choices – as an individual or if you want to use it for your company.

By default, the ‘for my company’ option is selected and the only way to try it for your company is to request a demo. Select ‘for myself’ to be able to start a 3-day free trial.

Enter your email address in the form and click the ‘try it for free’ button to get started.

2. Verify your email address

Getabstract free trial verify

Once you’ve submitted your email address, you’ll be asked to verify it. Just go to your email inbox, find the verification email and click on the link to tell GetAbstract that you’re using a real email address.

They don’t ask for payment details for you to start your free trial which means a user can supply any email address and get multiple free trials if they wanted to.

3. Enter account details to complete registration

Getabstract free trial complete profile

To complete your registration, you’ll need to complete your account details. You’re asked for your first and last name as well as your title and you can also create a password in this step.

Click continue to go to the next step of your registration.

4. Enter your interests

getabstract free trial interests

Interests inside GetAbstract are organized as channels. These are the topics that you’re interested in learning about.

Choose three or more channels to follow so that GetAbstract can find suitable recommendations to show you once you get to the members area.

getabstract members area

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be done with the registration and be shown to the members area where you can start browsing and checking out summaries of books you’re interested in.

How Much Does GetAbstract Cost?

GetAbstract offer a number of different plans depending on your needs. For individuals looking to get access to summaries for personal and professional development, there is a monthly which costs $29.90/month and an annual plan for $299/year.

You may purchase GetAbstract for your team but this plan only bills on an annual basis. It starts at $1295/year for a team of 5 users or $2290 for teams of 10.

Bigger companies will need to contact GetAbstract to talk about their customized solution and pricing.

There are also student plans which start at free for verified students.

GetAbstract also makes a great gift. A gift subscription costs $299 for one year’s access.

From time to time, GetAbstract has special sales events ie. Black Friday, where you can get discounts of membership.

Should You Subscribe to GetAbstract Pro?

GetAbstract isn’t the only book summaries website available to individuals who want to get the most out of books without having to spend so much time reading them.

There are also a good bit of apps available for mobile devices that will do the same thing.

So should you upgrade to GetAbstract Pro or choose one of the other solutions?

Firstly, GetAbstract is one of the oldest book summaries website available and they also have one of the biggest collection of condensed knowledge. With over 27,000 titles that have been analyzed and stripped down to only the takeaways, you’re sure to find the books that will help you develop yourself personally and professionally.

According to the site, more than one third of Fortune 500 companies use GetAbstract and they work directly with publishers to secure the rights to every title. They also claim to be the leading provider of summarized content in the world with over 10 million licenses sold.

With a GetAbstract Pro account you can experience:

  • new text and audio summaries added daily
  • content produced in 7 languages
  • weekly email with personal recommendations based on your reading preferences
  • ability to highlight and save key parts of any summary
  • keeping up to date with your topics of interest by subscribing to live channels
  • read or listen on your favorite device (desktop, phone, tablet, ereader) anytime, anywhere.

Deciding if GetAbstract is for you isn’t hard as you have access to a full three-day free trial. You can read all the summaries you want within this time, play around with the features and subscribe to channels you’re interested in.

If you decide to subscribe with a pro plan, there are discounts available as well as monthly and yearly options.