BackBlaze Black Friday 2023 Deal (20% OFF)

BackBlaze black friday deal 2023

If you’re looking for Black Friday discounts on computer backup, then you might be interested in the BackBlaze Black Friday 2023 sale.

The computer backup solution is great for personal and business use. Their Black Friday deal is happening soon and they’re offering a discount on their personal computer backup service which is already very affordable.

They offer a 15-day free trial which you can sign up for while you wait for their Black Friday deal to start.

The sale doesn’t start until November 20 but you can see the details below with info on coupon codes, end date and a link to the deal page.

BackBlaze Black Friday 2023 Details

Here are the details of BackBlaze’s 2023 Black Friday deals.

  • Deal: 20% off Computer Backups
  • Deal Page: BackBlaze Black Friday
  • Coupon: BLAZEITUP2023
  • Starts: November 20, 2023
  • Ends: November 27, 2023

Should You Get BackBlaze?

There are a few reasons why I would recommend Backblaze if you’re looking for personal computer backups.

  • Price is very inexpensive
  • Very easy to use (set and forget)
  • Extras (locate stolen or missing computer, for example)
  • Peace of mind


Backblaze is very inexpensive and users have even said that they’d pay double the price to use such an awesome service. At $9/month, Backblaze really is a lot of value for the price and this is after a price earlier this year. They also have annual and two-year pricing for more savings.

The company even offers a 15-day free trial so that you can try out what they have to offer. The rarely ever do discounts so if you want to lock in an even cheaper price, then you should consider their Black Friday deal of 20% off.

Ease of use

Backblaze, when compared to other computer backup services, is very easy to use and this is a quality that is pointed out in some of the bigger tech reviews I’ve read about them.

You download the software to your computer, let it run and Backblaze backs up all your files and keeps backing up new files for you in pretty much a set and forget manner.

It couldn’t be simpler. You can restore old versions of your data since Backblaze keeps a version history of your files. Schedule backups or let the software run automatic backups for you. They will even send you your data by mail if you need to restore a backup.


There are some other features that Backblaze offers that feel like you probably should be paying a separate fee for. As an example, they can locate a missing or stolen computer for you by geolocating the WiFi connection your computer is using.

As mentioned before you can also restore version history from one month, one year or even forever (for a fee).

Piece of Mind

Backblaze offers piece of mind knowing that your data is backed up in the even of a computer crash, or even a stolen PC. Other features include 2-factor authentication to secure your account and data.

“You will sleep much better knowing that you have Backblaze,” says one Backblaze user.

If you’re looking for personal computer backup whether you have a PC or Mac, then you’ll need to try Backblaze. They offer a 15-day free trial and the Backblaze Black Friday sale is for a limited time so check it out while it’s available.

Backblaze Black Friday 2023 Deal Recap

The Backblaze Black Friday sale starts soon and is only available for a limited time. Backblaze rarely offers sales discounts on their already low pricing so this is one you shouldn’t miss.

Here are the details again for the Black Friday sale.

  • Deal: 20% off Computer Backups
  • Deal Page: BackBlaze Black Friday
  • Coupon: BLAZEITUP2023
  • Starts: November 20, 2023
  • Ends: November 27, 2023

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