Alo Moves Free Trial

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  • Duration: 14 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: $20/month
  • Website:

Alo Moves is an online subscription service where users can access hundreds of fitness, yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes from expert instructors.

The service is also available as an app for iOS devices. This gives you the opportunity to access fitness instructions not only at home but also on the go.

To get started with Alo Moves, you can get a full two weeks to try the service before committing to a subscription of $20/month.

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This is especially beneficial for busy people who may not have time to fit the gym into their schedule. You can also save on expensive gym fees this way as the Alo Moves subscription is likely to be comparatively lower.

In this article, I’ll show you how to easily sign up for an Alo Moves free trial, how to use the platform and more.

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Signing Up For an Alo Moves Free Trial

You can register for an Alo Moves free trial on both your desktop or in the iOS app. In this article, I’ll show you how to sign up on your desktop. You can always use the credentials to log into the app.

To access the 14-day free trial that Alo Moves offers, you’ll need your credit card. You will not be charged until after the trial ends.

Here’s how to sign up to access online yoga and fitness classes with a 14-day free trial from Alo Moves. The process is simple.

1. Take the survey

Alo Moves take survey

After clicking on the “Start Your Free Trial” button, the first step you’re presented with is an onboarding survey. This gives Alo Moves the chance to personalize your experience and tailor the service to be more useful to you.

For example, you may want access to more yoga classes than HIIT classes. Taking the survey will help Alo Moves who you more of what works best for you.

There is an option to skip the survey and sign up directly. You can complete the personalization in your members area.

The survey only asks three questions to personalize our experience.

i. Tell Alo Moves what you’re interested in

alo moves interests

The first question asks for your interests. You can choose up to three areas from yoga, mindfulness, fitness and specific skills. Make your choices and then click the button to go to the next question.

You will get a few bonus questions that you can answer quickly. These include:

  • What styles of fitness/yoga you would be interested in trying
  • Your experience with the areas you chose (beginner, advanced, etc.)

ii. Tell Alo Moves about your goals


The second question asks about your goals. You can select up to 3 goals before you move onto the final question.

iii. Tell Alo Moves your favorite teaching styles

alo moves teaching styles

How do you like to learn? Do you respond better to instructors that are playful? Motivating? You can choose up to 3 styles here. Or you can just click the button to continue if you’re not sure.

2. Fill out the sign-up form

Whether you skipped the survey or not, the next step is to fill out the signup form. This is the first of 3 steps needed to start your 14-day free trial.


Here you have some options.

  • Signup using your Apple or Facebook accounts.
  • Signup with email and password.

When signing up with email and password, you will also need to enter your first and last names. I choose the Facebook option as it is faster and there is no password to remember.

3. Choose your plan

alo moves free trial plans

After filling the signup form or connecting via Apple or Facebook accounts, you’ll choose a plan in step 2.

Alo Moves offers a monthly plan of $20/month or a yearly plan of $199/year which works out to be about $16.59/month.

If you have a promo code, you can also enter it here to get further savings.

4. Enter billing information

Alo moves pay

Step 3 is to enter your credit card information in the secure order form. All the details of your order are included for you to review.

In the form above it says that I’m paying trying Alo Moves membership with 14 days free before I start paying $20/month. Your first billing date, which is when your trial ends, is also included right under the payment button.

Once your payment is accepted, you’ll be sent to your members area so that you can start training.

Alo Moves Free Trial: What To Expect

Alo Moves free trial members area

The Alo Moves free trial allows you to access all the classes and training on the service just the same as a paying subscriber.

Inside, you’ll find classes that match your profile based on the answers you provided in the survey. If you didn’t fill out the survey, you may not see any recommendations but you’ll be able to browse and save the classes that interest you.

To take the survey, simply go to the settings by mousing over your profile icon in the top right corner and clicking “Settings”. Find the “survey settings” tab and complete the personalization survey to improve your experience.

You can browse the site using the navigation at the top. Browse by classes, series or choose from expert instructors. You’ll be able to narrow down to the type of training you want or see instructor profiles with more information about them.

Features include being able to save classes to practice later, downloading for offline viewing in the mobile app, saving playlists and logging workouts.

Fill out your profile by uploading a photo and adding your location so you can easily connect with the Alo Moves community. You can follow people and they can follow back and interact.

Managing Your Alo Moves Free Trial

Alo Moves lets you try their service for two weeks free of charge. After the trial ends, since you’ve entered your credit card information at signup, they’ll charge your card for the amount on the plan you chose.

There are two plans, monthly ($20/month) or annual ($199/year).

I chose to go with the monthly plan because I could simply cancel when I want and resubscribe when needed. It’s a great way to save money if I don’t plan to use it all year. If you want to commit to a year of fitness and training, then the yearly option may be more economical.

You can change your plan in your account settings at any time and your card will be charged the agreed amount when your free trial ends.

Cancelling Your Free Trial

If you need to cancel, to avoid your card being charged automatically, you can do this in your account settings also. If you don’t know where you look just follow the instructions below. This could be useful if you’re not ready to start training or if you’re just evaluating the service.

First, mouse over your profile icon in the top right hand corner, find and click on Settings. Then follow the instructions below.

1. Find the “Manage Membership” tab

manage membership

Find and click on the tab that says “Manage Membership”. This is where you will find all the settings related to payments.

You’ll be able to see your payment schedule, change your plan or the card used to pay for your membership. The last setting on the pay is for cancelling your membership.

2. Click on “Cancel Membership”

To begin the cancellation process, click on “Cancel Membership”. You will still be able to complete your free trial with any remaining days until your trial ends.

3. Take the exit survey

exit survey alo moves

Most companies provide an exit survey for you when you’re cancelling so that they could collect information that tells them how to improve their service. Alo Moves gives two questions to find out why you’re cancelling or if there’s another similar app/website you’re choosing.

Choose one option for each question and then click on the cancel button.

4. Surprise: Do you want a free month?

free month on Alo Moves

Cancelling, even if you plan to stay on a service, is a free trial hack that has a couple of benefits. One of those is getting more free time or discounts.

Most companies don’t want you to cancel and will try to get you to stay with a little friendly bribe. Alo Moves offers one free month to help you change your mind. This month begins at the end of your current billing period.

If you’re on a free trial, the free month kicks in when your current free trial ends. Your card wouldn’t be billed until a month after your trial ends. If you’re a paying member, the free month kicks in when you’re supposed to be charged for the next month or yearly payment.

For you to redeem this free month though, you’ll have to click on the “I want to stay” option instead of “cancel membership”. This means that your card is still active and can still be charged in the future.

If you just want to cancel however, you can either do it now by clicking “cancel membership” or redeem the 30 days and cancel during that period.

5. Cancellation confirmed

Cancel confirmation alo moves

When you click the cancel option, your membership will be cancelled and Alo Moves immediately shows you confirmation. A popup shows at the bottom of the screen and there’s a message that shows when your access will end.

You will also have the option to reactivate your membership if you need.

You can continue joining classes and using the service in full until the end of your free trial period.

Should You Try Alo Moves?

Alo Moves is a good option anyone who wants to workout from home. It provides a good range of classes in many different areas like yoga, fitness, mindfulness or skills.

You can personalize your experience or browse using lots of useful filters to find the right workouts for you. Try a series to help you reach your fitness goals.

Alo Moves is similar to other workout apps like Aaptiv and Asana Rebel. You don’t have to take my word that it’s worth it because they offer a full 14-day free trial for you to try the service for yourself.

I’ve provided all the information here about the 14-day free trial and if you read all the way through there’s even a surprise.

Get Alo Moves with a free trial and start working out at home or on the go starting 5 minutes from now.