Spocket Free Trial

Spocket logo
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: From $39.99/month
  • Website: www.spocket.co

Spocket is a dropshipping platform that connects online retailers with top suppliers from around the world.

The biggest benefit for Spocket members is that the service connects them to dropshipping suppliers from the United States and Europe where they can get more high-quality products with fast, reliable shipping.


Spocket has integrations for leading ecommerce platforms online like Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, Squarespace, Woocommerce, and many more. Anyone can start an online business selling high quality products by connecting Spocket and their store provider of choice with no upfront cost.

To get started with Spocket, you can sign up for free or take a 14-day free trial of a paid plan. This allows you to use the service to set up your business with very little investment. Platforms like Shopify and Squarespace have free trials as well.

Spocket streamlines the entire dropshipping process offering a huge marketplace where retailers can discover trending products across various categories like beauty, electronics, fashion, and home decor.

Retailers can then easily import product listings and customize them to match their brand. Spocket provides a reliable and user-friendly service so that you can start your business for very little.

In this guide, I’m going to tell you more about Spocket, how you can get signed up with the 14-day free trial, how using this service can benefit online retailers and more.

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Starting Your Spocket Free Trial

Spocket offers two ways to try their service for free. The first is their free plan which doesn’t require a credit card and the second is a 14-day free trial of a paid plan which does actually require that you add your credit card info.

To start your free trial of a paid plan, you’ll need to first sign up for the free plan, which allows you too explore Spocket and browse products but locks you out of any premium features.

A free trial of a paid plan gives you access to premium features. You’ll need a free Spocket account and your credit card to do this so let’s first get started.

There are a few ways to begin the sign up process. You can:

  • Click on the “Get Started” button in the top navigation of the Spocket site
  • Click on the “Try It for Free” button under any plan on the pricing page
  • Enter your email address on any landing page and then click on the “Get Started” button.

Any of these actions will send you to the main signup page. You can then add your details to begin your free trial. Here are the steps from here.

1. Fill in the sign up form

spocket free trial signup form

The signup form informs you that the process takes roughly 2 minutes and asks for your name, email, and there’s an optional question asking about the products you want to sell.

You can sign up with your name and email address or use your Google or Facebook account. I usually take this option since you wouldn’t have to remember a password and it’s faster both for signing up and for logging in later on.

2. Dashboard onboarding

spocket dashboard

After authenticating with my Google account, I’m instantly sent to the Spocket dashboard.

I’m not sure if you’ll experience the same thing if you use name and email signup but I expect that it will be the same process.

Several things happen when you’re in your dashboard. The first thing that pops up is a prompt to connect your Shopify store if you have one. Optionally, they ask you to sign up for Shopify with a free trial if you don’t already have a store. I decline this offer as I just want to check out Spocket for now.

spocket welcome message and onboarding step 1.

The next thing that pops up is a welcome message and this seems to be step 1 of 6 parts of an onboarding process.

As you click on the “Next” button, you’re given a tour and introduction to different parts of the dashboard.

The tour ends with an offer to get up to 8 months off when you choose to go with an annual Spocket plan instead of a monthly plan.

3. Pick a paid plan and start your 14-day free trial

Now that you’re more familiar with how Spocket works, you can then proceed to try a paid plan to access premium features.

You can only start a paid plan once you’ve signed up and logged into Spocket.

Try pro inside Spocket

To begin, look for the green button in the top right corner of the dashboard that says “Try Spocket Pro for free”. Click on this button to choose a plan to free trial.

Spocket plans to try

There are four plans to choose from and they’re designed for scaling as your business grows.

I started with the Pro plan since it gives you access to more features than the Starter plan. The Empire plan is similar to the Pro plan with the only difference is that you can use eBay to dropship and you get up to 10,000 unique and premium products.

spocket free trial checkout

Next, you add your billing info in the checkout form then hit “Claim Your Trial” to begin your 14-day free trial of Spocket Pro.

Note that there is a 99 cent charge when you start your trial so it’s not entirely free to trial a paid plan. The amount is so small though that it’s still worth it for me.

You can save 50% by choosing annual billing on the Pro plan but there is no free trial; you’ll be billed immediately.

You don’t really need the 14-day free trial to see the benefits of using Spocket since you can sign up for free and stay on the free plan. However, if you’re serious about building a dropshipping business and you want to use Spocket then you’ll need to pick a plan and use the 14-day trial to start contacting suppliers and importing products into your online store.

What You Get On the Spocket Free Trial

When you sign up for a free account on Spocket, you get access to a dashboard filled with products, product categories and product collections that you can browse through.

Spocket catalog search

You can browse winning products, or check filters to find where products ship from, or products that have USA shipping under $5 or go through the updated product catalog. Collections such as Print-on-Demand help you look for products relevant to your business model.

But a free account only allows you to browse through Spocket’s catalog of products. You cannot import products to your website or communicate with suppliers.

To really start building a dropshipping business by connecting your platform of choice and importing product listings, you will need a paid plan. You can activate a 14-day free trial of any paid plan and get started with no upfront cost.

There are four paid plans – Starter, Pro, Empire and Unicorn starting at $39.99/month. The Pro plan is the most popular plan and costs $59.99/month.

The Pro plan allows you to do a lot more than the Starter plan and is the ideal plan if you want to carry more than 25 unique products and any of the following.

  • up to 250 unique products
  • 25 premium products
  • brand invoicing lets you add your logo to orders from suppliers who offer this feature.
  • supplier communication
  • image search

The Empire plan is like the Pro plan but with up to 10,000 unique and premium products. The $299/month Unicorn plan adds more advance features like bulk checkout and product requests.

All plans (including free) have 24/7 chat support and AliExpress dropshipping. You can start a free trial of any paid plan.

Connect Your Store

In your dashboard, Spocket lets you connect to your store if you have one.

Spocket connect store

Spocket integrates with all the major ecommerce platforms that allow dropshipping including:

These integrations allow you to connect your store to Spocket and import product listings easily.

More Spocket Features

Inside Spocket, you will also be able to manage several things including your import list, your products and your orders. You can also find supplier communication if you’re on a plan that has the feature.

Spocket also has Spocket Academy which is where you can learn how to run all aspects of a dropshipping business from starting from scratch to buying ads and doing SEO.

The Academy has lots of paid and free courses to help retailers manage their eCommerce businesses.

How To Cancel Your Spocket Free Trial

Its OK if you’re not ready to start using Spocket with a paid account or if you found another service that you’d rather use.

You can always go back to the free version of Spocket and then upgrade later if necessary. If you’re looking for how to cancel Spocket to avoid being charged while on a free trial then the following guide is for you. .

To begin, you’ll need to log into your Spocket account and look for Settings. You’ll find this to the bottom of the dashboard navigation menu. Click on “Settings” and follow the steps below to cancel Spocket.

1. Update your password in Account settings

spocket account settings

Your first step is to visit your account settings in the “Account” tab. Before you can cancel your membership, you may first need to update your password.

If you joined Spocket with email and password, you can skip to step 3 in this section. But if you’re like me and used Facebook or Google to sign up fast without a password, you’ll need to add a password to your account.

Go to the Accounts tab and scroll all the way down to the “Update password” section.

Spocket update password

Enter a secure password and click save to add a password to your account. Now if you want you can log into Spocket with email and password. However, for now, you need a password to cancel your membership.

After setting your password, you’ll be logged out. You can just log back in any how you prefer and continue with the steps below after clicking on the settings tab again.

2. Click on the Membership Tab

Spocket membership tab

You’ll find six settings tabs. Click on the Membership tab. This is where you’ll find all the information about your Spocket subscription. In the above image, you’ll see that I have 7 days remaining on my free trial.

Cancelling will stop Spocket from billing you automatically when your free trial ends. You can always upgrade when you’re ready to go.

3. Scroll to Membership Cancellation

Spocket cancel membership

On the same page, scroll down a bit to reveal the “membersip cancellation” section.

You have a couple of options if you’re not quite ready to cancel. You can hit the “Remind me later” button to get a reminder 3 days before renewal. This is useful because you’re immediately going to lose your benefits and end your free trial.

The “Pause plan” option works but will not stop your account from being charged.

To continue to cancel your membership, hit the “cancel membership” button which is grayed out just like the “Pause plan” button but it will prevent charges.

4. Confirm your password

Spocket confirm password

For security reasons, Spocket wants you to confirm your password. This is the reason for setting your password in step 1. If you didn’t have the password set at this point, you’d have to start all over again.

The first time I hit confirm, I encountered an error but just repeated the steps for a second time with success.

5. Do you want 14 more days?

Spocket extend trial

This is one of the reasons I always recommend cancelling even if you want to continue. Sometimes, you’ll get a nice surprise like this extended free trial.

To keep you as a customer, Spocket will give you an additional 14 days for a total of 28 days if you decide not to cancel. Your account will automatically renew after the second 14 days if you don’t cancel then.

You can click on the “x” to dismiss the offer and continue cancelling.

6. Fill in the exit survey

Spocket exit survey.

Spocket reminds you what you’re giving up when you cancel your account. Once you cancel, you revert to a free account and lose everything you can access on the plan you’re free-trialling.

You can click on the “nevermind” button to go back to your account or fill in the exit survey to continue cancelling your account.

The survey asks questions to know about your experience and your reason for leaving. It’s a quick survey that will only take a minute. Check the box to state that you understand you’ll lose your benefits then click on the cancel button to continue once you’ve completed the survey.

7. Confirm cancellation

Spocket confirm cancel

A bit too much in my opinion but you’ll need to type CONFIRM in the box to indicate that you’re 100% sure you want to cancel.

After you enter CONFIRM and clicked on the button, you’ll be taken back to your free account where you’ll immediately see the following popup confirming that your downgrade was successful.

Spocket downgrade successful

Your paid plan is now cancelled and you wouldn’t have to worry about being automatically charged.

Should You Keep Spocket? 4 Reasons Why You Should.

Is Spocket worth it if you’re trying to get into dropshipping?

Should you keep your Spocket account and upgrade to a paid plan?

If you’re serious about dropshipping or running your own ecommerce store then you may have some questions or doubts about Spocket.

Spocket is definitely an essential service for anyone who wants to run a successful ecommerce business. To answer the questions above, it is totally worth getting a paid Spocket plan after going through the free trial.

Here are 4 reasons why you need Spocket.

1. Trusted by more than 130,000 retailers worldwide

Over 130,000 retailers trust Spocket with their online business. Spocket has helped countless entrepreneurs to boost their sales and expand their businesses by providing a reliable and renown dropshipping solution.

Their Facebook community alone has over 82,000 entrepreneurs who are helping each other and connecting daily.

2. User-friendly platform with reliable support

Customer support is one thing that can make or break the reputation of any business depending on whether it is positive or negative, reliable or unreliable, fast or slow.

Spocket has a very user-friendly platform allowing you to dropshipping experience with little need for customer support. However, when you need it, all members whether on a free or paid plan, get access to 24/7 reliable customer support that is always ready to promptly assist you with any issue.

3. Over 1 million products at your fingertips

Whether it’s trendy fashion, stylish home decor, or the latest innovative gadgets, you will find something on Spocket for every target market. Their extensive product range, fueled by the availability of numerous suppliers from the United States, Europe and worldwide, means that you can cater for diverse customer preferences.

If print-on-demand or private-labelling is your business model, you can be assured that Spocket can handle your needs as well.

4. Easily access winning products

Skip the time-consuming product research. Spocket allows you to focus on growing your sales by giving you access to a fresh selection of in-demand products. Their product catalog refreshes every 24-hours ensuring you always have a fresh selection of winning products to offer to your followers.

Dropshipping without Spocket as one of your go-to resources is not something you want to do. There is no risk in giving them a try as you can start for free and even try one of their paid plans for 14 days with very little upfront cost.