Speechify Free Trial

Speechify logo
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: $139/year
  • Website: speechify.com

Speechify is a mobile and web application that converts text into audio.

As an A.I. text-to-speech reader, it is useful for reading web pages, uploaded documents and books or even images with text.

Users can subscribe for a yearly fee of $139 after a 3 day free trial. There are no other options in terms of pricing plans.

They offer a number of features including 30+ natural voices, the ability to change the speed of the audio and more than 15 languages. There is no mp3 generator though that lets you download the audio for your own external use.

Speechify website

The app also exists as an extension for the Chrome browser to help users read aloud websites, pdfs and more.

The free trial, requires a credit card but you can easily cancel before the 3 day trial period ends to avoid any charges. Your subscription will end when you trial expires.

On this page, I’m going to show the signup and cancellation process just in case you’re hesitant to try it. If you need a TTS reader then Speechify is one of many options you can try.

Starting Your 3-Day Speechify Free Trial

Speechify previously offered a 7 day free trial then a monthly subscription plan. However, that is no longer available. What exists now is a shorter trial period before a yearly subscription.

If you’re hesitant to start this short trial, it is actually very easy to get started and you wouldn’t get charged unless you forget to cancel.

Below, I’m going to show you how to sign up and start your free trial and also how to cancel, which you can do right after signing up to avoid forgetting to do so.

Here’s the signup process:

1. Create your Speechify free trial account

Speechify create account

You must create a free Speechify account first by connecting with Google, Facebook or Apple. Alternatively, you can just use your email address and create a password.

2. See your dashboard to start adding items

Once signed up and logged in, you can start adding items to your library to read.

To sign up for the Speechify Premium 3 day free trial, you’ll need to click on the yellow “Upgrade” button in the top right corner near your profile icon.

3. Try Speechify Premium for free

Watch Speechify Premium video

When you go to sign up, you will see a video with the heading “Try Speechify Premium for free”. You can watch the video to learn more about the offer.

Click the blue button under the video to continue signing up for an account.

4. Enter your billing details

Speechify free trial billing

Enter your billing details on this page. You’re given a choice of PayPal or your credit card. Your subscription expiry date when you’ll be first billed can be found on the page as well as the fee you’ll pay and other terms.

5. Tell them where you heard about Speechify

Speechify subscribed.

You’re subscribed after submitting your payment details. You’ll see a welcome message and a 1 page survey about where you first heard about Speechify. Choose one of the options and click the button to continue.

6. Get the mobile app

Get Speechify for mobile app

The next step is to get the mobile app sent to your phone. There’s one for iOS and one for Android. Speechify will email the link to your device once you click the button.

If you want to read on the web, you can enter any link in your library area to read or add the Chrome extension to your browser.

How to Cancel Speechify Free Trial

Just as easy as the signup process, is the cancellation process when you’re on the Speechify 3 day free trial.

You can cancel at anytime to avoid getting your credit card or PayPal billed. At Trial Bear, I normally encourage users to cancel immediately after signup unless you’re absolutely sure you wouldn’t be cancelling.

This way, you wouldn’t get billed if you forget and you can normally pick up some sweet secret offers and discounts aim at keeping you a subscriber.

To cancel Speechify, simple follow the instructions below.

1. Go to your account details & billing

Speechify account

Starting the cancellation process is easy. Just go to your account details and billing section by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard/library.

Once there, you should see your subscription status displayed under Settings. There’s a link that says “Cancel subscription” which you can click on to initiate the cancel process.

2. Say why you’re cancelling

Speechify free trial why cancel

The first thing that comes up when you try to cancel is this exit survey asking why you’re cancelling?

Just pick one of the options to continue.

3. 50% discount if you want to subscribe

If you pick any of the first three options in the survey, you’ll get offered a 50% discount on your subscription which means you’ll be able to get your first year for $69.50 instead of $139.

This is a great discount if you’re actually interested in keeping Speechify and a nice surprise for cancelling before the trial period ends.

If you’re just trying to cancel though, click on “No thanks” to get rid of this offer.

4. Leave some feedback

Speechify cancel leave feedback form

Clicking “Other” on the survey brings you directly to this feedback form without getting offered the discount. You can hit the back arrow to change your answer.

This form will also show up if you turn down the discount offer.

You can either fill it out or just click continue without entering any feedback.

5. Cancel your subscription plan

Speechify cancel stripe screen

Because you used your credit card to start to the free trial, you’re subscribed to the only plan Speechify offers. This plan bills right after the free trial ends unless you cancel your plan.

After starting the cancellation process, you’re forwarded to the Stripe billing page where you can manage your subscription for Speechify.

Review your details and click on the “Cancel plan” button to continue cancelling.

speechify cancel screen

You’ll be assured that you can continue using Speechify Premium until the end of your trial period. Click on the “Cancel plan” button to cancel.

6. Cancel confirmed

Speechify free trial cancelled

Once you cancel, you’ll see some confirmation that your subscription is actually cancelled.

The button on the billing page will read “Renew plan” and you’ll see that after your trial ends, the “plan will no longer be available”.

That’s how easy it is to cancel in Speechify – no numbers or customer service to contact.

How Much Does Speechify Cost?

When you subscribe to the Speechify free trial, you’re actually subscribing to the only plan Speechify offers.

The price of Speechify is $139/year. There is no monthly option.

There is a way to get Speechify for up to 50% off though. You can go through the cancellation process during your free trial and get the offer as they’ll prefer to keep you subscribed.

This will get you Speechify for only $69.50/year.

Should You Get Speechify Premium?

Speechify Premium costs $139/year. This is a big investment for an A.I. text to speech reader even though there are alternatives, some free nonetheless.

Speechify does a good job for what it was made for and the app and chrome extensions help thousands of people to learn and read documents while they multitask.

A number of features make it worthwhile:

  • Over 30, natural voices to choose from
  • Adjust reading speed up to 5 times
  • Save content across devices
  • Scan and listen to any printed text
  • 15+ languages available

One feature that isn’t available in Speechify is the ability to generate mp3 audio versions which could be downloaded and used in podcasts and voice-over tracks for YouTube videos.

I mention this because there are some readers that have this feature and are used by video creators for this purpose instead of exclusively reading.

Other TTS readers like Speechelo aren’t used for reading at all but instead exclusively generate audio for use in voice-over tracks.

By comparison, the voices in Speechify sound more robotic that those in apps like Speechelo.

One of the more useful features of Speechify is the extension for Chrome. Now you can read anything which appears in your browser including:

  • web pages
  • emails
  • social media content
  • pdfs
  • blogs
  • recipes
  • articles and more

Speechify is simple to use, whether you use the app or the browser extension.

In the web interface for example, you can just paste a web url to read that web page, paste some text to read the text or import a pdf document from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Even more can be done with the mobile app as you can snap pictures with printed text and have it read.

Get 3 Day Speechify Free Trial

Speechify Premium gives you a full three days to test out the app and let you decide if it is something you would like to keep using. It can help you increase productivity and learn more in less time and on the go.