Spark By Clickbank Free Trial

  • Duration: 3 days*
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: $47
  • Website:

*The Spark by Clickbank free trial is no longer available. The only way to sign up is to subscribe to a plan which costs $47/month or $297/year. New users may be eligible for a 50% discount.

Spark By Clickbank is training program for aspiring affiliate marketers and vendors who would like to make money online with digital marketing.

The program which includes courses, community and live events was created by the Clickbank affiliate network and features training from staff and some of their high-performing affiliates and vendors.

Spark by Clickbank courses

As a full member of Spark, you get:

  • access to their private community on Facebook
  • weekly group coaching
  • monthly “what’s working now” interviews
  • new courses on a monthly basis
  • access to course archives
  • discount VIP access to events

Spark pricing starts at $47/month but you can join for free and preview what’s offered for the first 7 days. You will encounter a few upsells as a member of Spark which includes Convertri, a software offered for members to build web pages, funnels and websites. Some of the courses are also not accessible without paying extra.

On signup as a free member, you get access to the Spark Certification course which gets you started with the basics. Inside this course is the 7-day Challenge which aims to get you earning in your first 7 days and Campfire – weekly training accessible in the private Facebook group.

The 7-day free trial requires a credit card or PayPal to activate but you wouldn’t be billed until the trial is expired. That is, unless you purchase any offers while previewing the program.

Below, I’ll show you how to get started with your Spark by Clickbank free trial, what’s inside and how to cancel if it’s not for you.

Starting Your Spark By Clickbank Free Trial

*The Spark by Clickbank free trial is no longer available. The only way to sign up is to subscribe to a plan which costs $47/month or $297/year. New users may be eligible for a 50% discount.

To begin your Spark by Clickbank free trial, you’ll need to enter your credit card details so that they can charge you at the end of the trial. PayPal is also accepted if you prefer to use that.

Spark by Clickbank certification course

To begin, just click on the “Learn More” button next to the Spark Certification course section of the Spark by Clickbank site to get to the main sales video.

Then just follow the steps below.

1. Watch the video then click “Join”

The short 4 minute video from Clickbank’s Ben Harris goes over what is offered by Spark and how it will benefit you.

The join button appears after you’ve watched some of the video. To start your free 7 day trial, just click the “Join Spark for Free Today” button.

2. Enter your billing info

Spark by Clickbank free trial checkout

You’ll be presented with this Clickbank checkout form which indicates that you’ll pay $0 today but you’ll start paying $47/month in the next 7 days.

Enter your email address at the top then choose between credit card or PayPal to checkout.

3. There’s an upsell for Spark Plus

Spark Plus upsell

Once you’ve checked out, Spark will try to get you to upgrade immediately to Spark Plus which gives you access to the Spark Certification Courses and a page builder software called Convertri.

Convertri by itself is $99/month but this deal gives you access to the courses and Spark for $97.

If you’re just starting out and don’t know what a funnel or page builder is then you don’t really need to get this. Since you’re just checking out the free trial, avoid getting billed now and click the “No thanks” button.

You’ll be immediately sent to the account creation page. On this page you’ll choose a password to log into Spark.

4. Welcome to Spark by Clickbank

Spark by Clickbank student dashboard

The Spark by Clickbank student dashboard is the next step and from there you can access your courses.

The Spark Certification Bundle will be the only item available in your dashboard at this moment. Clicking on it will open up a page with all the courses including the basic courses which will introduce you to affiliate marketing and the 7-day challenge course.

By exploring the menu at the top, you’ll be able to add “Copy That Converts”, as seen in the screenshot above, to your dashboard. It’s available in the “All Courses” sub-menu under “Courses”. You’ll also be able to join the private Facebook group.

What’s Inside Spark by Clickbank?

When you sign up as a free trial member, you get access to the Spark Certification Bundle which contains:

  • The Spark 101 Course
  • The 7-Day Challenge
  • The Producers Playbook: The Entrepreneur’s Mindset (with Anthony Trister)
  • The Campfire (with Perry Belcher)

The Spark 101 Course is the main certification course which takes you through your introduction to digital marketing, how Clickbank fits in, and how to get started. The instructor is Kacey Duncan who I assume is a Clickbank staff member.

The 7-Day Challenge with Ben Harris walks you through the process of setting up your first Facebook ad campaign with the aim of getting you to earn your first affiliate marketing commission within your first 7 days.

Essentially, you could be earning money during your free trial before you even start paying for the course.

Perry Belcher’s Campfire course is hours and hours of what looks like a live marketing seminar event called the Secret Selling System. It’s broken down into 25 videos of about 40 minutes in length.

The real Campfire training though, happens in the private Facebook group where Belcher gives some training every week accessibly only through this community.

More Courses In Spark

If you go through the menu at the top of the members area, you’ll find a section labeled “All Courses”.

This section contains the courses you already have access to and some that you do not have access to. The “Copy That Converts” course with Anik Singal is free and you can simply click on ‘enroll for free’ to add it to your courses.

Other courses include:

  • Max Finn’s Facebook Ad Mastery – To access you’ll need to pay $197.
  • Re-Live – a recording of Spark Live 2021 event with special trainings and Q&A session. You’ll need to pay $37 to unlock this training.
  • Robby Blanchard’s $100 a Day Formula – another Facebook ad course – $497 to unlock.
  • Copy That Converts – Anik Singal’s copywriting course. This one is free to enroll.

If you want to build web pages and funnels, there’s a 2 week free trial for Convertri landing page and funnel builder which will eventually cost you $99/month after the trial.

Spark by Clickbank also promises new courses added every month and weekly group coaching.

How To Cancel Spark By Clickbank Trial

For whatever reason, you may not want to continue with Spark by Clickbank after checking out the free trial and you’ll need to know how to cancel.

There is no magic setting insider your members area that you can just go click to cancel.

If you don’t want to get charged, you’ll need to cancel at least 48 hours before your trial ends as you need to allow 2 business days for a response to your cancellation ticket.

1. Send an email to cancel

You’ll need to send an email to support to get your trial cancelled and prevent them from charging your credit card or PayPal.

To cancel, check your email for the receipt you got when you signed up and make a note of the receipt number. Then from the email you used to purchase, send an email to letting them know that you’re on the free trial and you wish to cancel.

2. Use the Clickbank Support page

If you have your receipt, you can scroll down to the bottom and find the link to the Clickbank Customer Service page.

Click on the link to go to the page. The link has your receipt number appended so it will automatically fill the “Order Lookup form” with your order number.

Clickbank order lookup page

Enter your email address then click on the “Look Up My Order” button to continue.

Verification Code

A verification code is sent to the email address you entered. Retrieve the code and submit it in the form.

Cancel your subscription

The next page shows details of your order and you can request product support from this page and also cancel your subscription.

Click on the “Cancel My Subscription” button to continue cancelling.

You’ll get a form where you can submit a ticket to cancel your subscription. You’ll just need to select one of the options when asked what the problem was and add any additional comments then click “Submit to Seller”.

The ticket will the submitted and you’ll get a response within 2 business days.

Get Spark by Clickbank

Spark by Clickbank offers courses to help you make money online with affiliate marketing or selling with Clickbank no matter your level of experience.

While Clickbank previously offered a free 7-day trial to get access to the Spark Certification courses including the 7-day Challenge and Campfire, they no longer offer this to the public.

You’ll have to choose from one of three subscription options or purchase courses individually. Individual pricing starts at $23/month if you just want access to a community or $47/month for the Side Hustle bundle.