Kajabi Free Trial

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  • Duration: 14 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: From $149/month
  • Website: kajabi.com

Kajabi is a platform that lets you create courses, memberships, podcasts, and more so that you can turn your knowledge into an income.

They bill themselves as a true all-in-one platform as you get everything that you need to create your course, build your website, and market your business so that you can grow. Everything is included and you would not need any integrations for things to work as is the case with similar platforms.

Kajabi website

Users of Kajabi which include creators, coaches, and podcasters, can get started on Kajabi with a 14-day free trial. They get access to support, training, and community as well as all the tools needed to create and launch their first course in a short time.

There is no free plan like other course creation websites so you’d have to be very serious about your business if you’re going to use Kajabi.

I signed up for the 14-day free trial to check out Kajabi and I’m going to show you below how to sign up and other things you need to know about this useful platform.

Getting Started with Kajabi Free Trial

Although Kajabi does not have a free plan, you can still get started for free with a 14-day free trial to any of their plans.

You will need a credit card to take advantage of this free trial offer. Kajabi does not bill you when you start the free trial. Instead, you’re billed when the trial period expires. You’ll be able to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

There are two ways to get started. You can visit the Kajabi pricing page and choose a plan to free-trial or you can click the free trial button anywhere on the site to get started.

The difference is that when you start your free trial from a general button, you’ll be trialing the most popular plan, the Growth plan. Choosing a plan to free-trial allows you to start with the plan of your choice.

I decided to free-trial the Growth plan because it is the most popular choice and the one most people are likely to get started with.

Here’s how to get started with a Kajabi free trial.

1. Create your account with your name & email

Kajabi free trial signup form.

After clicking on the free trial button, your first step is to create your account. You’ll need to enter your name and email address to complete this first step of the 2 step signup process.

Click the continue button to go to the second step.

2. Create password and submit payment

Kajabi free trial billing

The second step of the free trial signup process is to create your password and enter your billing details. No PayPal option is available so you’ll need a working credit or debit card which will be stored on a secure server.

A credit card is needed to start your free trial so that they can bill you at the end of the trial period automatically without any interruptions to your subscription. You can always cancel before the 14 days are up if you do not wish to be charged.

The Growth plan is $199 per month but once signed up, you can downgrade or upgrade as you like through your settings panel.

3. Verify your account

Once you’re submitted your billing information, you’ll be sent an email prompting you to verify your account. Just visit your email address and click on the verification link to go back to the Kajabi website.

The verification link only works once you click it within a 24-hour period so try to verify immediately after you submit your card information.

Kajabi Onboarding Process

Kajabi welcome

After you’ve verified your account, you’re taken through Kajabi’s onboarding process where they get to know your needs with a six-step survey.

This is so that they can provide the best experience for you.

Here are the 6 questions they’ll ask. Each question has options for you to choose from.

  1. What brings you to Kajabi?
  2. How would you describe yourself professionally?
  3. Do you currently run an online business?
  4. Which industry is most relevant to your business?
  5. Have you used platforms similar to Kajabi? (Podia or Thinkific for example)
  6. Enter a business address so you can get paid.

The last step requires you to add your business address which you can change later in the settings. It is used in Kajabi as your default business address.

When you’re done with the onboarding process, you’re taken straight to your Kajabi dashboard.

Kajabi dashboard Growth plan

What You Get With Kajabi

Kajabi is loaded with features. The all-in-one nature of the product means that everything you need to run a course business is available to you without needing external integrations.

Hosting, email autoresponders, custom domains, website templates, and more are all part of each plan.

Different plan tiers have additional features and more flexibility than lower plan tiers.

Here’s an idea of some of the features you get with Kajabi.


Kajabi isn’t only for course creators. They also allow you to create a number of other products including:

  • membership sites
  • community
  • podcasts
  • coaching programs

You do not need any tech skills to launch any of the products as there are ready-made product blueprints to guide your creations.

Course Creation

Course creation is simple and can be easily customized your way. You can start with a course blueprint and create any type of course.

  • drip feed your course over time
  • create an online course
  • create an easy-to-consume mini-course

Kajabi also has a mobile app that your students can use to access your course on the go or at their convenience.


Website creation is easy with the availability of templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful websites.

Your website by default lives on a Kajabi subdomain but you can easily get a custom domain that represents your brand and is more memorable to your audience.

Features for your website creation include:

  • theme store with beautiful templates
  • drag and drop editor
  • use a custom domain
  • mobile responsive
  • add a blog
  • turn off Kajabi branding
  • create landing pages and pipelines (funnels)

Sales & Marketing

You do not need additional integrations to help with marketing. Kajabi has built-in CRM and email management as well as other sales tools you can use to build your business.

You have the ability to:

  • create packages
  • offer coupons
  • connect Stripe or PayPal to collect payments
  • manage affiliates
  • send emails

Another great benefit you get from Kajabi is the ability to learn how to use the platform and run a course business. This you get with Kajabi University and the vast amount of helpful resources available. These include daily webinars and a consultation.

Users also get access to the Kajabi private Facebook group where other creators gather to share and help with their experiences.

Kajabi has a lot to offer and the best way to see just how much is to take the free trial and experience it all for yourself.

Plans & Pricing After Kajabi Free Trial

When you start your Kajabi free trial, unless you chose one of the plans on the pricing page to try, you’re placed on their most popular plan, the Growth plan.

There is pricing info about this plan that is displayed during signup so that you know how much you’ll be charged when the trial expires.

The Growth plan is $199/month and you can get a 20% discount if you choose annual billing.

You can downgrade or upgrade your plan during the free trial. The other plans available are the $149/month Basic plan and the $399/month Pro plan.

The Basic plan is the entry-level plan and has the most limitations of all the plans. You also aren’t able to remove Kajabi branding on this plan.

On the Growth and Pro plans, you can remove Kajabi branding.

The other differences with each plan are the number of:

  • products and pipelines available to you
  • contacts you can manage inside Kajabi
  • active members you can have
  • websites (Basic and Growth get 1. Pro gets 3)
  • admin users

Each plan also has additional features that the lower plan does not have.

How To Cancel Kajabi Free Trial

The Kajabi free trial gives you a free test drive of what the platform has to offer. Since you’ll need to submit your credit card information and you may not want to keep going after the trial, it’s important to know how to cancel.

Fortunately, Kajabi, like any good company, puts this power in your hands. You can cancel your free trial right inside your dashboard through the settings.

Here’s how.

1. Go to your account settings

Kajabi account settings

In the dashboard sidebar find the settings link and click on it. Doing this opens your settings page where you can manage your business settings and your Kajabi account.

Your business settings show on this page first so you’ll need to scroll down to find the Kajabi account settings.

In here, you’ll find stuff like changing your password, updating your credit card details, controlling notifications and other things specific to your usage of Kajabi.

2. Open billing setting

Kajabi billing settings

Canceling your Kajabi free trial would be related to billing so this is the item you’d click on.

3. Scroll to subscription settings

Kajabi subscription settings

The billing settings page has various settings related to billing. You’ll need to scroll again to find the section that says ‘subscription”.

This section gives you information on which plan you’re currently using, your next billing date, your payment method and when your trial expires.

You’ll also find the link to cancel your trial right at the bottom of that section.

4. Kajabi reminder – keep canceling

Kajabi reminder

As you would expect, Kajabi doesn’t want you to leave so they remind you of all the awesome benefits you’ll be missing out on if you cancel.

For any course creator, those benefits are truly awesome but if you’re reading this then you may want to keep canceling your subscription.

Click on the “Cancel My Subscription” link to continue.

5. Get a Kajabi extended trial (28 days free)

Kajabi free trial extended.

Here’s a pleasant surprise and one of the reasons I suggest that free trial users cancel even if they’re going to pay. You can sometimes get some special surprises just because a company wants to keep you as a customer.

Kajabi, in a bid to convert you into a paying customer, makes an offer – to extend your trial for another 14 days. This gives you a total of 28 free days.

The longer period is perfect for learning what you need to know about Kajabi or setting up and launching your product before paying.

Again, you’re not charged here for extending your trial. This charge would come at the end of the extension.

While this is a great offer, you can still continue to cancel by clicking the appropriate button.

6. Explore Kajabi suggestions

Kajabi cancel suggestions

Some people cancel because they don’t know what to do next. This is why Kajabi offers some suggestions which include:

  • Getting support via one of their daily webinars
  • Accessing Kajabi University so you can learn the platform and how to build your business
  • Keep your subscription if you change your mind.

Kajabi again reminds you when your free trial expires and allows you to cancel your subscription.

7. Complete the exit survey

Kajabi exit survey

Answer a few questions so that Kajabi has an understanding of why users are canceling. It helps them to make their product better.

There are just two questions with options and a feedback form. When you’re done just submit the feedback and you’re canceled.

You’ll be redirected to your dashboard. Clicking on settings will confirm that your account is canceled. There is a big red notice at the top letting you know that you’ll lose access when your trial expires. You have the option to restore your account.

Kajabi Alternatives

As a creator, there may be some reasons why you may not want to use Kajabi to sell your online course or membership website.

No matter what those reasons are, your 14-day Kajabi free trial will help you decide whether or not you want to continue with the course platform.

There are many other viable alternatives you can choose from. They may or may not be up to Kajabi’s standard or they may surpass them depending on the reason why you choose not to go with Kajabi.

Here are 6 alternatives you can consider if you haven’t already.

1. Thinkific

Thinkific is one of the best alternatives to Kajabi, with comparable features and everything you need to run an online course business.

You can join this course creation platform for free and have a free account to test their platform. There is also a full 30-day free trial of Thinkific’s most popular paid plans.

Unlike Kajabi, some integrations are necessary and this may provide creators with some flexibility but it all depends on perspective. Thinkific has an app store with lots of integrations to help you add a variety of features to your course.

Some may prefer the all-in-one nature of Kajabi. With Thinkific, for example, you can use your existing website to sell your Thinkific course or you can use the one you create through the platform.

Without many of the caps Kajabi has on each of their plans, Thinkific is a great Kajabi alternative that is probably their most worthwhile competitor.

2. Podia

Podia is another great choice that lets you offer unlimited courses. They don’t have a free trial anymore but you can sign up for a free account to test drive and get started.

As an all-in-one platform, you can also sell courses, downloads, webinars, coaching, and memberships. They do not have transaction fees on any paid plan. The only thing you can sell on the free plan are downloads, which come at a cost of 8% transaction fees on sales.

This platform has three paid plans which appear to be much more affordable than comparable Kajabi plans. On each plan, you can create unlimited products and have unlimited customers and contacts.

3. Teachable

Teachable is a very popular choice for many creators and a great alternative to Kajabi. You can have unlimited courses on all plans.

Users on Free and Basic plans are charged transaction fees while there are no fees on higher plans. Plans are much cheaper than Kajabi’s.

You can start using Teachable with a free account with limitations. This is your only way of trying Teachable as there are no trials for any of the paid plans.

4. LearnWorlds

Learnworlds lets you start with a 30-day free trial without having to submit your credit card details. You can get a free trial on any paid plan.

LearnWorlds is big on interactivity with a course player that you can edit to include clickable links, questions, image overlays, and other interactive elements. Kajabi does win when compared to LearnWorlds if you’re looking for built-in email marketing as this platform only offers integrations for that purpose.

There are some great features available for building and marketing your courses and the pricing is a lot less than Kajabi’s. Their most popular plan though seems to be the Learning Center plan which may be compared to Kajabi’s pro plan. No caps are present in LearnWorlds plans as they are with Kajabi’s.

The Starter plan does charge $5 for every course sale though so that’s something to be aware of if you consider Learnworlds as your alternative. However, you could start with the $99/month Pro Trainer plan which has no transaction fees and is still way below Kajabi’s entry-level plan in terms of pricing.

5. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is more of a community builder which you can use to build a community around something existing like a YouTube channel. However, they also have robust course-building and membership site capabilities.

No credit card is required to start a free trial which gives you access to their Business Plan. There’s also a lower pricing tier called the Community plan but you can’t create or sell courses on this plan.

Mighty Networks is significantly cheaper than Kajabi and there are no caps on members or admin on any of their plans. If you’re looking to create a course primarily though, then Kajabi may be the better choice of the two.

6. Samcart

Samcart is an e-commerce platform for creators of digital products (like courses and ebooks), consultants, and coaches. It is not really a learning management system as their course creation solution comes in the form of a built-in app that you can use to create courses.

There are no processing fees on any of the plans. The pricing plans are a bit cheaper than Kajabi’s and they offer a 14-day free trial to get started.

Is Kajabi Worth It?

Kajabi, though more expensive than most of their competitors is definitely worth it if you’re looking to sell your course, and coaching services, or start a membership site or podcast online.

Everything is built into their system and they have great education for users on how to succeed at selling your course using their platform. Another thing they excel in is support.

You wouldn’t be able to keep a free account but you can get a 14-day free trial (or 28 days if you read this entire page) with any of their plans.