Headspace Free Trial

Headspace logo
  • Duration: Up to 14 days
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: From $12.99/month
  • Website: www.headspace.com

Headspace is a guided meditation and mindfulness app for iOS and Android devices.

With both free and paid subscription plans, the app helps users to do things like focus, relax reduce stress and get better sleep.

Headspace website

The Headspace website also has tons of useful articles and guides to meditation, getting better sleep, managing stress and practicing mindfulness. You can also use the website as an alternative to the app. However, the mobile app provides more convenience and an overall better experience.

Users can get a free Headspace account and use the app for free. There are many resources that are available to free members but most of the content is locked and only accessible to paying subscribers.

You can try the premium version of the app starting with a free trial. The length of the free trial depends on whether you choose monthly or annual billing.

For monthly subscribers, you will get a 7-day free trial while annual subscribers get to try the full version of the app for 14 days.

Below, I’ll walk you through the signup and cancellation process and give you more information on the free trial if you’re thinking about trying Headspace with no limitations.

Get Headspace for Free

There are two ways to try Headspace if you want to start meditating and living a happier life.

You can join for free and access the guided meditations and resources accessible only to free users. Many of the premium resources will be locked.

Or, you can try the premium version of Headspace for up to 14 days by subscribing to either a paid monthly or annual plan. You will have unlimited access to all resources and guides within the app.

On the Headspace website, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a free account but it’s actually very simple to signup. To do this just click the Login link as if you already had an account.

You’ll get the login form but since you don’t have an account, you wouldn’t be able to login just yet.

Headspace login form with signup link

To signup, check at the top of the login form for the line: “New to Headspace? Sign up for free”. Click on the link to go to the registration form.

Once you’re on the registration form, you can enter your name, email address and create a password or signup using your Apple id, Facebook or Google account.

You will then have free access to Headspace for as long as you like and can use either the app or website but a lot of the content will be locked.

How To Start Your Headspace Free Trial

To unlock premium content and use the app without any limitations, you can subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.

Either plan starts with a free trial. Monthly subscribers get 7 days free and annual subscribers get 14.

Here’s how to get started with a Headspace free trial. I wanted the longer trial so I chose to subscribe to the annual plan. I normally cancel after signing up so I don’t get automatically billed when the trial runs out and there is a setting to change to the monthly plan even if you’re way past the 7 free days.

You can sign up from the app or from the website. I like using the website to sign up so the screenshots below are from my desktop.

1. Choose free trial length

Headspace free trial options

The first step is to choose which free trial length you would like to try. I chose the annual subscription because it gives the longer free trial of 14 days. The other option is the monthly subscription which gives a 7 day free trial.

The only downside is if I forget to cancel then I’ll be charged $69.99 which renews annually. I can always downgrade to a monthly plan by changing my subscription settings inside my Headspace account.

2. Enter your signup details

Headspace free trial signup

The next step is to enter your signup details in the form provided. You’re asked for your first and last name, your email address and you create a password you’ll use to log into the website and app.

Or you could just connect with your Apple Id, Facebook or Google account. This is faster and you wouldn’t have to remember or use a password.

3. Checkout with credit card or PayPal

Your credit card is required so they can automatically bill the payment once your trial expires. You can cancel to avoid charges unless you absolutely want to continue using the app.

PayPal is an option for payment if you prefer to use that.

4. Download the app

Headspace free trial download the app

Once your payment is accepted (you aren’t charged), you’ll be sent to this page which confirms you’re in and lets you know when your trial ends.

This is the page which also tells you where you can get the app. Iphone users can get the app in the app store and Android users can download the app on Google Play Store.

Headspace Price After Free Trial

Headspace has two subscription choices. An annual plan costs $69.99/year while a monthly plan bills at $12.99/month.

At the beginning of the signup process, you get to choose which subscription you would like to free trial.

A credit card is required which means you’ll be automatically charged for your subscription fee when your trial expires. However, you can cancel to prevent being charged and there is an option to change your choice in the settings panel of your account.

How To Cancel Headspace Free Trial

You can easily cancel your Headspace free trial in the app or on the website.

Where you cancel depends on where you signed up. For instance, if you signed up via the app, you will only be able to cancel in the app. If you signed up via the website, then you can’t cancel in the app, you would have to do this by logging into the website.

Cancelling is easy. All you need to do is log into your account and manage your subscription settings.

Once you’re logged in, here are the steps to cancel and what you’ll encounter.

1. Visit your subscription settings

Headspace subscription settings

To find where to manage your subscription, log in and click on your name in the top right corner of the site.

You’ll see your “Account & Settings” displayed. Look for the “Subscription details” line and click on “Manage”.

2. Turn off auto-renewal

Headspace turn off auto-renewal setting

In the subscription management section, you’ll find information about your subscription. There is no link or button that tells you explicitly to cancel but under “Renewal Date” you’ll find a link to “Turn off auto-renewal” which is basically the same thing.

This setting prevents Headspace from charging you when your trial expires. You’ll see in the next steps that it’s effectively the same as a cancellation.

3. Complete the short exit survey

Headspace cancel survey

Like most companies, Headspace would love to know why you’re cancelling. Just choose an option and click on the “Continue with cancellation” button.

4. Try these but continue to cancel anyway

Headspace try these

Headspace gives you some resources you may not have tried before to try to change your mind and give you some reasons to stay.

But you want to cancel. So instead of clicking the Keep subscription button, click on the “continue with cancellation” button to end your subscription.

5. You’ve successfully cancelled Headspace

headspace free trial cancelled

You have now successfully cancelled your Headspace subscription and there are a few places you can go to confirm this.

  • If you go back into your account settings, you’ll see that your subscription is currently active but there is no renewal date.
  • You’ll get a cancelled confirmation sent to your email address.

You would still get full access to all the premium resources in Headspace until your trial is out.

If you decide to keep Headspace, you can always go back into your settings and continue your subscription.

Should You Continue Using Headspace?

More than likely, you’re looking for a free trial of Headspace because you want to focus more, sleep better or learn how to meditate so you could be less stressed.

Having been developed by a former Bhuddist monk, you’re in great hands with Headspace as they have great activities and resources to help you master mindfulness and meditation.

Continuing with Headspace after the free trial is totally up to you as you have a free trial with enough time to fully evaluate all the training they offer.

With the free trial, you get full access to a premium subscription which offers:

  • guided meditation courses
  • focus music
  • sleep music
  • soundscapes
  • helpful advice
  • daily meditations
  • playlists and mixes
  • group meditations
  • workouts (yoga, cardio etc)

You can connect your Headspace with Google Fit to track how often and for long you meditate each day.

The effect meditating and practicing mindfulness everyday for the course of a year can have on you is something to think about.

Of course, you can always cancel anytime but this decision is up to you.