Vidnami Free Trial

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  • Duration: 14 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: No
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: From $47/month
  • Website:

Godaddy has acquired Vidnami and will integrate it into their own offering called Godaddy Studios. The video creation application has been discontinued as of August 20, 2021. You can read more about the acquisition here.

Vidnami is a video creation cloud application which lets users easily create marketing videos of different types using pre-designed templates and a 5-step process.

The tool was formerly call Content Samurai before being rebranded with the current name.

If you use or plan on using video in your business, whether it’s YouTube videos, video ads, sales videos or even training/course videos then Vidnami can help you to easily create beautiful videos everytime.

The services has a recurring monthly fee of $47 but there are promotions to get lower pricing. You can get started though with a free trial that lasts for 2 weeks. There is no credit card needed to start your free trial.

How To Get Started With Vidnami Free Trial

Anyone who is interested in the Vidnami video creating tool can easily get access to start creating videos as it only requires an email address for signup.

You’ll be email instructions on how to proceed in setting up your password and how to get started.

You do not need a credit card to start your 14 day free trial of Vidnami.

Here are the steps to get started with your Vidnami free trial.

1. Your name and email address

Vidnami registration

From anywhere on the Vidnami website, click on the green button labeled “Free Trial” or “Try it for free”. You’ll get a pop-up which requires your name and email address to be filled in.

2. Go to your email for more instructions

Vidnami free trial welcome

After inputting your name and email address, you’ll be redirected to the page above where you’ll see how much time is left on your free trial as well as what to do next.

The next step is to check your inbox to get started in 3 easy steps.

Vidnami instructions

According to the email sent, you’ll need to do three things to get started with Vidnami.

  1. Make sure you’re using the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the “Access Vidnami” button in the email.
  3. Set your password on the page which opens after clicking for access.

Vidnami seems to only work when you use the Google Chrome browser. I use the FireFox browser and it doesn’t load at all when I clicked the access button. I haven’t tested any other browsers but I’m sure they won’t work either.

How Does Vidnami Work?

The first thing you’ll see when you start using Vidnami is a set of training videos on how to use Vidnami to create the type of videos you’ll want to create.

Vidnami training videos

You should watch these videos first before you begin creating so you have some knowledge of how the process works. At the very least, watch the videos that apply to your needs.

There are also links to the “Help Center” where you’ll find questions answered on using and getting the most out of Vidnami.

You’ll also find a link to the Facebook group which has over 10,000 video creators discussing video creation. You’ll be able to get, advice, support and feedback while using Vidnami.

When you’re ready to start creating, just click the “+Create a new video” button to get started.

Creating videos

The video creation process is about 5 steps.

  • Choose a template
  • Add your script
  • Add your scenes or footage
  • Add your voiceover
  • Preview and download
Vidnami video options

There are lots of template options to choose from including square video, vertical video for stories and your normal landscape video options.

The templates are also organized by type:

  • content videos (for bloggers and YouTubers or if you want to make a video without showing your face),
  • presenter videos (where you’re showing your face and appearing in the video).
  • instant ads (for creating video ads)
  • sales videos (for sales pages if you’re selling your own product)
  • course/training videos
  • property videos (for real estate listings)
  • custom templates (you can create your own template)

After choosing a template, you’ll need to put in your script. I’m creating a content video so the steps for other videos may be slightly different.

Name your video and either write or copy/paste your script into the boxes provided. Advanced options let the app automatically create your video for you the way you want it.

Vidnami advanced options

The next step is to add your scenes which Vidnami automatically creates for you from royalty free videos and images sourced from Pexels and other sites.

You’ll then have the ability to go through each scene and edit them or leave them as-is. You can also upload your own footage and images to add to the video.

Vidnami voiceover options

The voice step of Vidnami’s video creation lets you add a voice-over track to your video or to only use music and no voice-over track.

There are three options for adding voice to your video.

  1. Auto-voice uses text-to-speech to add and automated voice to your video but this option is not available for trial users. You’ll need to upgrade to get access to this option.
  2. Record your own voice track right inside Vidnami.
  3. Upload your own voice track.

When previewing your video, you’ll be able to choose a music track to add to the background of your video. There are over 30,000 royalty-free music tracks available, from websites like Storyblocks and others.

In this step, you can also choose a watermark for your video. It can be no watermark, a custom watermark or something like ‘sample’ or ‘preview’.

When everything looks good, you can download your video and upload it to YouTube, Facebook or wherever you need to show your video.

Vidnami Pricing, Discounts & Promotions

While you get almost a full access to the premium version of Vidnami for an entire two weeks (auto-voice option is locked for subscribers only), you won’t be able to use the tool after the trial.

Vidnami is a good tool for video creators and useful if you want to have great looking videos every time.

Subscribing can be done after the free trial ends or within the free trial period.

Vidnami costs $47 per month. During my free trial period, Vidnami offered 25% off this price which means I would pay $35 per month as long as I stayed subscribed.

You would have to subscribe before the free trial ends in order to take advantage of this deal.

Try Vidnami for 14 Days Free

If you’re planning on using video in your business, which you should be, then Vidnami provides an easy solution for creating videos in 5 steps.

With automatic video creation where you don’t even have to shoot any footage or create any voice-over tracks, the application is a must have if you’re new to video.

To get started, you won’t need a credit card. Just add your name and email to begin your 14 day free trial.