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  • Duration: N/A
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Credit Card: No
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: From $30/month
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There is no shortage of video creation and editing platforms online to help businesses and individuals create professional looking videos.

Invideo is just one of the many video creation tools that let small businesses, agencies and freelancers and more create beautiful video content to promote their business online.

To make it easier for users to try their service, they offer a free forever plan so you could evaluate their tool and decide if it works for you. There are no free trials and no credit card is required to sign up.

As a free user, you’ll be given a plan with a few limitations such as watermarked videos and less resources than the paid plans.

Invideo website

Invideo is great for creating any type of video including social videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, long form ads, video presentations and more.

It’s also easy to use and includes some training videos. Pick a template from one of many categories, edit your video by adding clips, text and music then download it to share with your audience.

How To Get Started With Invideo

As mentioned before, Invideo does not provide a free trial of it’s paid plans.

You simply sign up for a free account and they’ll provide a free plan with some limitations so that you can try out their online video creation tool.

Here’s how easy it is to get started.

1. Provide your signup details

Invideo free trial sign up form

After clicking the signup button, you’ll be presented with this simple signup form. The information you add here is all you need to sign up to Invideo.

Simply add your full name, email address, create a password and add your phone number. Click on the create account button and you can get to making videos.

2. Tell Invideo about yourself

Invideo about you

Before you could get to making videos, Invideo would like to know a little about who’s using their service. Just indicate whether you’re an individual, agency, freelancer, vlogger etc or skip the step entirely.

3. Add your team

Invideo add team

If you work with a team or someone else helps you with videos, you can add them to your account in this step. Invideo makes collaboration easy by allowing you to work as a team with your colleagues.

This step is also optional and you could just hit the close button to go to your dashboard.

Invideo Pricing, Discounts & Promotions

Invideo once offered free trials of 7 days on their paid plans but has since removed that privilege. They now only offer the free plan with some limitations.

Besides the free plan, there are two other plans available – Business and Unlimited.

The Business plan is the next upgrade after your free plan and you’ll need to pay $30/month for everything that comes with this plan. Unlimited, which is more suitable for larger businesses and agencies, is $60/month.

You can save 50% by choosing annual billing and pay $15/month billed $180/year for Business and $30/month billed at $360/year for Unlimited.

Coupon codes are also available to get discounts on Invideo, so you can use them to bring the cost down.

Invideo Features on Free Plan

The free plan of Invideo allows users to evaluate their video creation tool by making full videos that are ready for you to promote.

On the free plan users have access to over 5000 video templates in a wide number of categories. These templates allow you to make videos of up to 15 minutes long which is the duration limit regardless of whether you’re on a paid or free plan.

Invideo tutorials

Uses also get access to tutorials to make their video creation experience with Invideo a little bit easier although the tool is already easy to use.

Other features include:

  • 60 video exports per month
  • 3 million standard media
  • make videos in any language
  • automated text to speech
  • social media calendar
  • team sharing with unlimited members
  • brand presets with video intro & outro
  • connect your social profiles

Videos on the free plan will bear the Invideo watermark which can be removed by purchasing a paid plan.

This is just one of several limitations that free trial users will encounter when making videos on the free plan.

In the next section, I will reveal some of the other limitations placed on free plan users of Invideo.

Invideo Free Trial Limitations

Since the free plan isn’t a free trial of a paid plan, there are a number of limitations in place to remind users that this is an evaluation only plan.

The Invideo watermark, for example, appears on videos made on the free plan. Serious users would not want to put out videos branded by another company.

There are a number of other differences between the free plan and the business plan.

1. No Premium Templates

While free plan users get access to more templates than they could possibly use – over 5000, there are some templates that require an upgrade.

Invideo templates with premium templates

These premium-only templates can be purchased for $4.99 each while on the free plan but paid users get access to all standard and premium templates for free.

2. Video Resolution

On the free plan, the maximum video resolution is 720p.

This is still great quality for videos but paid users get even better resolution with videos rendering in 1080p.

3. Can’t Remove Background on Images

There are some special features that come with Invideo. Text to speech is one of them and all users get access to this.

One feature that might be useful is the ability to remove the background from images. This is a feature that is missing for free users but users on a paid plan get access to a limited number of uses per month.

Business plan users can remove the background on 20 images per month while the number increases to 40 removals for Unlimited plan users.

4. No Reseller Rights

If you want to resell videos made with Invideo, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Free uses do not have reseller rights for the videos they make.

This makes sense as the videos will have the Invideo watermark on them in any case.

5. Cloud Storage

The video you make with Invideo are stored in the cloud so you can access, share and download them at any time.

All users, paid or free, get a quota of cloud storage with free users getting only 1GB while Business plan users get 10GB and unlimited users get 100GB.

6. No Priority Support

There are a number of support channels on Invideo.

  • Help Center – access to video tutorials and help articles
  • FB Community – join 25K+ members on private Facebook group
  • Chat support – get live chat support from a real person

Priority support though, means you’ll skip the queue to talk to and get help from a support agent and also get access to Invideo’s free webinar. This type of support is reserved only for paying members.

Try Invideo Free Plan

Invideo dashboard

While Invideo previously offered a 7 day free trial on their paid plans, they do not offer this anymore. Instead, users can sign up to their free plan to evaluate their video creation tool.

There are some limitations as you should expect with the biggest one being the Invideo watermark for videos created on the free plan.

You can upgrade to either the Business plan or the Unlimited plan depending on your needs to remove all limitations and get access to more resources. Plans start at $15/month billed annually or $30 billed monthly.