HBO Max Free Trial

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: US / Latin America / Caribbean
  • Price After Trial: $14.99/month
  • Website:

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HBO Max is a subscription movie and television streaming service owned by HBO and WarnerMedia.

Previously available only to US viewers, it is now also available to viewers in Latin America and the Caribbean and expanding to worldwide viewers in the near future.

HBO Max offers a wide range of content such as HBO original programming, content from Warner Bros and movies and television from third party providers and syndicated shows such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

The biggest appeal of HBO Max though is that the offer same day premieres of Warner Bros. movies released in theaters. This is currently only available to subscribers in the United States.

There are more than a handful of ways to get access to HBO Max and some of these ways offer a free trial for 7 days.

HBO Max offers subscriptions directly through their website and as an addon when you subscribe to streaming platforms that offer other premium channels through packages. In addition to any free trial you get through these platforms, you would normally also get a 7 day free trial to HBO Max.

Below, I’ll show you how to find HBO Max free trials and how to subscribe. You will likely be able to get a free trial with all the methods thus extending the amount of time you can try the service free.

How To Get HBO Max Free Trial (6 Ways)

There are a number of services that offer HBO Max and you can usually try HBO Max on all of them for free if they offer a trial.

You’ll need your credit card to subscribe but you will not be charged until the 7 day trial is up.

Here are some ways you can get HBO Max.

  • HBO Max website – In the US, no free trial. Outside US, there is a 7 day free trial
  • Hulu Add HBO Max to your Hulu base plan and get a 7 day trial
  • YouTubeTV – Add HBO Max to your YouTubeTV base plan and get a 7 day trial
  • Verizon FIOS – Subscribe to HBO Max and get 7 days free.
  • AT&T TV Now – Includes HBO Max free for 1 year on select packages.
  • Optimum – Get Optimum’s 1GB internet plan and get HBO Max free for 1 year

HBO Max is also available with other services such as DirecTV, however there are no trials available for viewers.

If you’re looking for HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video, unfortunately that option was removed though they previously also offered a convenient 7 day free trial.

HBO Max Direct Free Trial (Outside US)

HBO Max once offered a free trial through it’s website when their subscriber-base was exclusively United States residents.

They’ve now dropped the free trial and you could only choose one of their subscription options – either the ad-supported option for $9.99/month or the premium ad-free option for $14.99/month.

For persons in the Caribbean and Latin America, HBO Max is a new offering and it makes sense that they would offer a 7 day free trial to encourage signups.

If you’re outside of the US, you could subscribe to HBO Max directly through it’s website and get 7 days free.

HBO Max free trial outside US

The content is localized which means you wouldn’t get the full library of content that US subscribers get access to. You also would not get access to new theater releases as those are only available to US subscribers only.

The pricing therefor would not be the same as US HBO Max. It starts at $3.99/month for the mobile plan and $5.99/month for the standard subscription.

To get the free trial, just click on the “Start Free Trial” button and follow the steps below.

1. Select your plan and billing term

HBO Max select plan and billing term

The first thing you’ll need to do is to select your billing term. It looks like most subscribers choose the quarterly billing term which bills every three months.

I chose to go with the Standard plan which means I could access HBO Max on any device I choose including my desktop, my TV and on any mobile device. I would also get 5 profiles instead of 1 so the rest of my family could watch.

2. Create your account

HBO Max create your account

Next, fill in your name, email address and pick a password to create your account. You must be 18 and over to subscribe to HBO Max.

Click the button to continue.

3. Enter your billing details

The next step would be to enter your credit card details to confirm billing. You wouldn’t be charged until the free trial ends.

Unfortunately, I encountered an error on the previous step and couldn’t continue which is why there is no screenshot. I’ll try again later.

Upon submission of your billing details, you should be able to log into the service and start streaming movies and series.

Get HBO Max With Hulu (7 Day Free Trial)

HBO Max on Hulu

One guaranteed way to get a 7 day trial of HBO Max, if you’re in the United States, is to add it as a premium channel on Hulu.

If you’re interested in Hulu which has lots of original programming plus thousands of movies and television series and even Live TV channels, then this could be a great way of getting HBO Max as well.

Hulu offers a 30 day free trial and then you pay as low as $6.99 for a subscription. You can add HBO Max as a premium channel and get the 7 day trial before paying $14.99 for an ad-free subscription.

To get HBO Max on Hulu, just sign up for a Hulu free trial and go to the addons page in your account settings to subscribe to HBO Max.

Hulu premium addons

Subscribing to HBO Max on Hulu will let you watch some HBO content in the Hulu app but you’ll have to download the HBO Max app to watch exclusive content and movie premieres.

Get a 7 Day Trial Through YouTubeTV

YouTubeTV currently offers a 14 day free trial to it’s TV service and when you add their base plan, you can also select addons to go with the channels they already provide.

HBO Max is one of the premium addons you can add to your base plan. They offer a 7 day free trial which fits right inside YouTubeTV’s 14 day trial window.

So this is another guaranteed way to get an HBO Max free trial without having to pay.

After signing up, you can then go to the HBO Max website or their app and choose “Sign in with Provider” then choose YouTubeTV, to create your account and access all the programming.

Cancelling is easy but you’ll need to do this through YouTubeTV since this is where you signed up and provided billing details.

Go here to see how YouTubeTV free trial works and sign up to get HBO Max free for 7 days.

Get a 7 Day Trial with Verizon Fios

HBO Max through Verizon

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can add HBO Max and get a 7 day free trial as long as you don’t already have HBO. If you have HBO through Verizon, then you already have access to HBO Max.

Just subscribe to HBO Max through Verizon, then:

  • Download the HBO Max app
  • Choose Verizon as your provider
  • Login with your Verizon credentials
  • Create your HBO Max profile
  • Enjoy your 7 day free trial

You’ll pay and manage your billing for HBO Max through Verizon just in case you need to cancel.

AT&T TV Now Gives You 1 Year Free HBO Max

att tv now with hbo max

AT&T TV Now is a streaming service that offers live TV and on-demand content. You can access 65 to more than 130 channels depending on the package you choose.

Starting at $69.99/month, the service offers 65+ channels in it’s Entertainment package but you’ll have to choose a larger package in order to get HBO Max free for one year.

HBO Max is included for free when you sign up for the Choice package or any higher packages. The Choice package starts at $89.99/month and lets you get 90+ channels.

The high price makes this my least favorite recommendation for getting HBO Max even though you’ll get it free for 1 year.

This offer is only for a limited time and may end soon.

Get 1 Year of HBO Max Free with Optimum

If you’re looking to switch your internet service, then this may be the offer for you. Optimum will give you HBO Max free for one year when you sign up for their 1 Gig internet.

The offer bills at $55/month and a free month of internet is included.

You’ll log into the HBO Max app with your Optimum credentials and you’ll also get billed through Optimum when the trial is over.

This offer is for a limited time and may end soon.

How To Cancel HBO Max During Free Trial

For whatever reason, you may want to avoid getting charged after your free trial ends.

To avoid getting charged, you’ll need to cancel the service at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period.

Since there are so many ways to sign up for HBO Max, how you go about cancelling depends on how you signed up.

For instance, if you signed up directly through the HBO Max website, then you’d log into your account there and cancel through your account settings. This would be for persons outside of the United States who are able to get a trial.

If you signed up through Hulu, this means that Hulu is the one billing you for the service so you’ll need to cancel HBO Max through Hulu.

Same goes for any other service that provides an HBO Max free trial.

Normally, you’ll be able to cancel through your account settings but you can also contact support and ask them to assist you in cancelling.

I would suggest cancelling soon after signup so you don’t get billed. You would then be able to enjoy the free trial for the full period and if you decide to keep the service, you could always just subscribe when it’s convenient for you.

HBO Max Pricing After Trial

After the 7 day free trial, customers outside of the United States (Caribbean & Latin America) will pay either $3.99/month for mobile plans or $5.99/month for a standard plan.

The pricing when signing up via the HBO Max website for US viewers is $9.99/month for the ad-supported plan and $14.99/month for the Standard no-ads plan where everything is included.

When you take a free trial from any provider mentioned on this page, you’re automatically billed at $14.99/month which means you’re getting the full experience.

Should You Keep Your HBO Max Subscription?

With so many premium streaming options to choose from, you may be asking yourself if HBO Max is worth keeping.

Considering the fact that Warner Bros. is releasing their movies in theaters and also on HBO Max the same day, this alone is worth the price of a subscription.

HBO Max is currently streaming Matrix Resurrections which is also in theaters. Warner Bros. has said that they wouldn’t be releasing new movies to HBO Max in 2022 and that the Matrix sequel will be the last.

These movies include:

  • Reminiscence (Aug. 20)
  • Malignant (Sept. 10)
  • Cry Macho (Sept. 17)
  • The Many Saints of Newark (Oct. 1)
  • Dune (Oct. 22)
  • King Richard (Nov. 19)
  • Matrix Resurrection (Dec. 22)

HBO Max also has great now-classic sitcoms and series such as Friends, The Fresh Prince of Belair, The Nanny and The Big Bang Theory.

There’s also HBO and Max originals that you won’t find anywhere else including:

  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  • Tenet
  • The Nevers
  • Raised by Wolves
  • The Witches
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Sopranos
  • Made for Love

HBO Max is definitely one of the more entertaining streaming platforms to have in 2021 as there are a lot of high quality shows and movies available there.

Choose a subscription provider and take a free trial or sign up through to experience all they have to offer for yourself.

TrialBear recommends getting HBO Max’s 7 day free trial through Hulu if you’re in the United States.