Monsters & Nightmares Free Trial

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  • Duration: 7 days
  • Free Plan: No
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price After Trial: $2.99/month
  • Website:

Monsters and Nightmares is a horror streaming service from the film distribution company Magnolia Pictures. It includes a curated collection of foreign and genre films from their Magnet Releasing offshoot.

While the focus of this streaming service is horror films, they also include science-fiction titles as well as thrillers and crime documentaries. The catalogue of films on Monsters and Nightmares is quite small, around 50 films and shows, which you can browse and preview on their website.

Monsters and Nightmares website

Monsters and Nightmares can be accessed on many streaming devices via their app and you can also stream content through services such as Amazon Prime Video Channels. On desktop, you can stream through the official website in your browser.

I was able to access Monsters and Nightmares on desktop outside of the United States without a VPN which means the service may be available worldwide.

To get started with Monsters and Nightmares, they offer a 7-day free trial before charging you $2.99/month. You can get this trial anywhere the service is available. Try them all back-to-back and get an extended free trial period.

Below, you’ll see some of the ways you can try Monsters and Nightmares before you subscribe.

Start a Monsters & Nightmares Free Trial

You can watch Monsters & Nightmares with a subscription fee of $2.99/month or $29.99/year. To start watching though, they offer a 7-day free trial so that you can preview what they have to offer.

There are a number of ways for you to get Monsters and Nightmares including downloading the app for your mobile devices, streaming from the official website or using an online television provider or service like Prime Video.

I’m going to show you several ways to get started with a Monsters and Nightmares free trial so read on.

Here are 3 ways in which you can get a free trial of Monsters and Nightmares.

  1. From the Monsters & Nightmares website – sign up directly
  2. From Amazon Prime Video Channels – included with Prime
  3. From The Roku Channel – stream on your Roku device

Another option is to just subscribe to Magnolia Selects instead. This is another of Magnolia Pictures’ streaming services that has all the content on Monsters and Nightmares plus more movies from their catalogue.

Signing up Directly on Monsters & Nightmares Website

One of the best ways to sign up for a Monsters & Nightmares free trial is directly through their website. Here’s why:

  • Use your login info to watch in your browser or in any of the apps.
  • It’s the only way to get an annual subscription.
  • Only one subscription to manage.

Monsters and Nightmares make it easy for users to sign up as you can just register for a free account. Just submit your first and last names, your email address and choose a password, agree to the terms and you’ll be able to log in and browse.

To start watching, you’ll need to activate the 7-day free trial so it’s best to start this way. Just click on the “start free trial” button on the site to begin.

1. Enter your signup details

Monsters and nightmares free trial signup

Create a free account by adding your name, email address and choosing a password. You can also use your Facebook account to quickly register.

2. Choose a pricing plan

Monsters & nightmares pricing plan

Choose one of the pricing plans available. The options are $2.99 monthly or $29.99 annually. Registering through other subscription services like Prime Video channels does not give you the option to choose an annual subscription.

3. Enter your billing info

Monsters and Nightmares add billing info

Taking the Monsters and Nightmares free trial requires that they keep your billing info on file so that it’s automatically charged at the end of the trial period.

You have two options here – either use a credit card or subscribe with PayPal.

4. Confirm purchase / add promo code

Monsters and Nightmares free trial confirm

After entering your billing info, you’re asked to confirm your purchase. Confirming means you agree with the terms and conditions of the free trial and subscription.

You can also enter a promo code at this point if you have one. Monsters and Nightmares do not charge your credit card until after your trial period is over and you can cancel at any time to avoid getting billed.

5. Trial enabled, start browsing

Monsters and Nightmares trial enabled

Once your billing is successful, you’ll get this message on the next screen to say that your account has been created and you can start streaming titles. You’ll also receive an email with subscription info.

Signing Up Through Amazon Prime Video Channels

Signing up for Monsters and Nightmares through Amazon is ideal if you have a Prime account already and want to keep all your subscriptions in one place.

If you don’t already have a Prime account then you should know that they offer a 30 day free trial for new subscribers. The benefits of Prime for Amazon shoppers include free 2-day shipping, free access to Prime Video where you can stream thousands of shows and movies, free Grubhub+ subscription for 1 year and more.

You can also subscribe to Prime Video only without a Prime subscription. This gives you access to free movies and shows and also to premium subscriptions like Shudder, Screambox and Paramount+, all with a 7-day free trial.

Monsters and Nightmares is also included on Prime Video Channels so you can subscribe starting with a free trial.

To do so, go to your Prime Video account and follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Monsters and Nightmares channel page in Prime Video
  2. Click on the “Learn more” banner at the top to get started or mouse over any video and click “watch with a free 7-day trial”.
  3. Click on the “Start Your 7-day free trial” button
  4. Confirm your details on the next page.
  5. Click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button to start watching.

Amazon doesn’t charge your credit card when you sign up for a free trial until the trial period expires. To avoid being charged, you can always cancel your channel subscription in your Prime Video settings.

Subscribe to Magnolia Selects Instead

Magnolia Pictures also has a couple of other streaming services that they offer with a free trial.

They all draw from Magnolia Pictures catalogue of released films and with the exception of Magnolia Selects, they cater to a particular niche. Monsters and Nightmares is mainly intended for horror fans, Dox Channel carries documentaries and Warriors and Gangsters has action and thrillers.

Magnolia Selects has the biggest catalogue of content of the four streamers and this is because you’ll find everything the other combined niche channels have plus more.

So if you want everything on the Monsters and Nightmares plus a wider range of content, then subscribing to Magnolia Selects is one option that you have. As a horror fan, you’ll be able to find all of what you want to watch in their horror category.

Magnolia Selects is available where ever Monsters and Nightmares is available as an app or on Prime Video and other places.

Cancelling Monsters & Nightmares Trial

A free trial lets you decide whether the service is good enough that you’d like to continue. Sometimes, you may decide that it’s not for you or you may just want to get something from the trial period and move on.

If you would like to cancel Monsters and Nightmares, you can do so in the account settings where you subscribed to the free trial. You would not get billed when the trial period expires.

Here are the steps to cancel Monsters and Nightmares on the desktop website.

1. Go to “My Account”

Monsters and nightmares my account settings

You can cancel Monsters and Nightmares on their website by going to the My Account page to access the settings.

To do so just click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner of the dashboard and then click on “My Account” to bring up the settings page.

2. Click on “My Purchases”

Monsters and nightmares my purchases

To cancel, click on the “My Purchases” link to see your active subscription. You’ll see your next billing date and the button to cancel your subscription. Click on the button to cancel your subscription.

3. Are you sure? Yes.

Monsters and nightmares are you sure.

On clicking cancel, you’ll get a popup asking if you’re sure that you want to cancel plus a reminder that you won’t be able to access any content after the next billing date.

Click on the “yes, cancel subscription” button to continue.

4. Confirm cancellation

Monsters and nightmares canceled

There are no exit surveys to deal with. After you click on cancel in the previous step, your subscription would be canceled and you can see confirmation of that on the next screen.

You can still watch until the free trial period expires and Monsters and Nightmares says it will keep all your favorites and settings for up to 90 days after your cancellation.

Price After Monsters & Nightmares Free Trial

Monsters and Nightmares doesn’t have a lot of content but it does have a good bit of recognizable titles from Magnolia Films and Magnet Releasing catalogue.

For this reason, $2.99/month might be a reasonable fee which is what they charge after the free trial.

The service claims that there are new movies added every month which may justify subscribing.

On services like Prime Video where you can access Monsters and Nightmares, you can only subscribe on a monthly basis but on the website, you can pay annually. The cost of an annual subscription is $29.99/year.

You can choose and confirm your subscription during the signup process so that you know what to expect when you’re billed after the free trial.

What’s on Monsters and Nightmares?

Monsters and Nightmares carries films that were released by Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing. The streamer is a niche service that caters to horror fans but there are also some science fiction, and crime documentary titles available as well.

You may recognize some of the titles such as Let The Right One In and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, two of their most popular and acclaimed titles.

Foreign horror films are also one of the categories and include titles like I Saw The Devil and Here Comes The Devil.

Other horror film titles include:

  • The ABCs of Death 1 & 2
  • V/H/S 1 & 2
  • V/H/S : Viral
  • Honeymoon
  • Rubber
  • Storage 24
  • Shrooms
  • Fear Pharm 2
  • The Glass Coffin
  • Ghost Master
  • Halloween Hell
  • Slavemen
  • True Love Ways
  • Dead Bodies

Thrillers and science fiction titles are also included as well as dark comedy.

There are also a couple of shows with a dark nature to them including Murder Maps which chronicles famous killers throughout history, Murderers and their Mothers and Myths & Monsters.

All the titles available on Monsters and Nightmares are available to preview no matter where you sign up for your free trial.

Should You Get Monsters and Nightmares?

Is Monsters and Nightmares worth it?

For fans of the horror genre, there are some decent offerings including foreign horror movies and some familiar titles. There aren’t a lot of titles (maybe about four dozen) but there are new films being added every month.

If you want even more than just horror, you may want to consider subscribing to Magnolia Selects instead as you will get all the titles on Monsters and Nightmares plus a lot more other films.

Another thing I must mention is that you may want to skip subscribing through the Monsters and Nightmares website. I don’t know if it’s just me but I encountered multiple errors while using the site, the biggest one being that I couldn’t get any of the titles to play.

Monsters and Nightmares playback error

At first, I thought maybe it was because I wasn’t using a VPN but it didn’t work with a VPN either. And if using or not using a VPN was the problem then that could have been communicated a lot clearer.

Besides the video playback error, I also encountered errors with signing up using Facebook and using PayPal as a billing option.

In conclusion, if you want to subscribe to Monsters and Nightmares starting with a free trial, it may be best to sign up via an app (if they offer the trial) or subscribe via Prime Video channels.