9 Horror Streaming Services You Need This Halloween

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You can get your horror fix from just about any streaming service.

Sure, you can easily find the horror section in Netflix or search for horror in Prime Video and get an entire page of suggestions.

However, if you don’t want to be scrolling through endless categories looking for something scarily good to watch then you need a streamer dedicated to just horror movies.

Fortunately for you, there are some video on demand services that are built just for fans of the horror genre, with carefully curated selections that deliver screams and scares.

Whether you’re looking for slashers, paranormal or gore, they’re all there to be enjoyed this Halloween. You’ll be able to find something to watch before you even touch any of your remaining Halloween candy.

Here are 9 suggestions for scary streaming services you can try this Halloween.

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1. Shudder


Known for having one of the best collection of horror films online, Shudder is a must have for horror fans.

The available horror films are curated by the staff and include cult classics in lots of horror niches as well as Shudder original movies and series.

The streaming site is owned by AMC Networks and is included in their subscription VOD offering AMC Plus along with The Walking Dead Universe and more.

For $5.99/month fans can stream classics like Phantasm and it’s sequels, Carrie and Sleepaway Camp as well as lesser known titles horror film buffs may recognize.

Shudder creates their own original films which you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. For example, Train to Busan fans can catch the sequel Peninsula, only on Shudder. Original series like Creepshow, which continues the horror from the original 80s film are also available to keep you engaged and watching.

A 7 day free trial is available from their website, on Amazon Prime Video Channels and everywhere else that carries Shudder or you can get a 5 day free trial when you join YouTube TV.

If you haven’t heard of or tried Shudder before, the streaming service is one of the best to get for Halloween viewing.

2. Screambox

Screambox website

Like Shudder, Screambox is a horror movie niche streaming service. It is most known to have hard to find titles and there is even a category titled “Only on Screambox” for titles that can’t be found on other streaming services.

Hardcore horror fans will be delighted with Screambox even through they don’t have as many movies as other similar horror streaming services.

Some of the featured titles include The Barn, A Grim Becoming, Black Candles, The Last Woman on Earth, Brain Freeze, Black Mountain Side and a series called The Island.

You wouldn’t find a lot of titles here that you know, which might be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.

Screambox costs $4.99/month but you can free trial it for 7 days on Amazon Prime Video Channels before subscribing.

3. Monsters & Nightmares

Monsters and Nightmares website

Another good horror streaming service to check out is Monsters & Nightmares. This one doesn’t have a large catalogue of films but does have some good, recognizable hits.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil for example, featured prominently on the site, is a great Canadian comedy-horror film everyone should see if they haven’t seen it by now. Let The Right One In is a foreign vampire horror film that received a lot of rave reviews when it was released.

Monsters & Nightmares is an offering by Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing. The streaming service includes films from their catalog so there are some thrillers and sci-fi titles also.

Probably due to the limited catalog of films included, a subscription to Monsters & Nightmares only cost $2.99/month or even less if you pay annually.

You can get a 7 day free trial when you sign up through the website or from Prime Video Channels.

4. Full Moon Features

Full Moon Features

Fans of Full Moon Features and Charles Band films will be delighted to find that they could access all these movies streaming in one place.

Even though you’re not entirely sure about those names, you’ve probably seen or heard of these films before. Films like the Trancers and Puppet Master franchises fall under these banners.

Usually the films aren’t going to win any Oscars and critics may not like them but real fans of horror find them entertaining and interesting. Films like The Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong spawned various sequels and even crossovers.

For $6.99/month, you can watch all Full Moon Features films in one place, gift a subscription to a friend or purchase videos individually. Full Moon Features is available on all platforms to stream on your favorite device.

While there is no free trial through the website, you can get a 7 day free trial through Prime Video Channels.

5. Fear Factory

If you have never heard of a horror streaming service called Fear Factory, have no fear – most people haven’t.

Fear Factory is only available as an add-on channel through Prime Video channels which means you’ll need to have a Prime subscription.

The channel does not have a lot of movies (I counted 28), and a lot of them are awful films. They even include Birdemic 2: The Ressurection which is often considered one of the worst films ever made in the history of film.

With less than 30 films and a 7 day free trial available, you could watch all you needed to watch from Fear Factory without ever needing to pay the $2.99/month subscription fee they’re asking for.

6. AMC+


You know AMC as the home of the horror television series The Walking Dead.

Parent company AMC Networks owns and operates AMC Plus, a subscription video on demand service where you can access content from 6 different brands they also own.

Included are acclaimed series from AMC including The Walking Dead which kinda has it’s own universe with shows like The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Perhaps the best reason to get AMC+ for Halloween viewing is because they also carry Shudder. Yes, you can access everything on Shudder with an AMC Plus subscription.

So instead of paying $5.99/month for Shudder only, you can pay $8.99/month and also get The Walking Dead Universe plus whatever is streaming on Sundance Now, BBC America and IFC Films Unlimited. These services also have some horror titles you can watch.

AMC Plus does offer a 7 day free trial from their website, on Prime Video channels, YouTube TV and other places. You wouldn’t be able to finish all the days of your free trial if you cancel when subscribed directly through the AMC+ website.

7. Netflix

Netflix horror

Netflix is the giant of streaming services. It’s available on all devices, even gaming consoles and comes preloaded on all smart TVs.

They also have a huge catalog which includes Hollywood hits and their own original movies and series in every genre. Finding something to watch can sometimes be tough because there are so many options.

There is a good selection of horror movies and shows available no matter which region you’re watching from. The screenshot above shows original movies released by Netflix and includes recent hits like There’s Someone Inside Your House, the Fear Street movie series, Army of the Dead and Blood Red Sky.

You’ll also find Hollywood theatrically-released films like Pet Sematary, Don’t Breathe, Happy Death Day, and Us. Chucky, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger appear in their respective franchises to represent a portion of the classics available on the platform.

There are also kid and family-friendly Halloween entertainment with titles like Hotel Transylvania and it’s sequels, Monster House, the Netflix-original Nightbooks, The Little Vampire and more.

Television series are also aplenty and will keep you occupied and bingeing all night.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a free trial of Netflix, the streaming giant does not currently have one. Instead you’ll have to subscribe to watch. Plans start at $8.99 and you can change your plan or cancel at anytime.

8. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video horror

Amazon Prime Video is another great service to have if you plan to watch horror movies this Halloween. Many of the services mentioned in this post are available through Prime Video Channels with a free trial including:

You will also find horror movies available on other channels available through Prime Video. For example, A Quiet Place and it’s sequel are available through Paramount Plus.

Amazon also has their own original movies and they have a collection of horror films in a film series called Welcome to the Blumhouse. Black as Night, Bingo Hell and The Manor are just a few of the titles they have in this series.

You will also be able to rent movies if it’s not included with Prime and not available through one of their channels. On the other hand, they also have IMDB TV, an ad-supported option where you can watch for free.

Prime Video currently has a full 30 day free trial so this is a very good option since the other channels also have free trials that fit very well inside this window.

9. Peacock

Peacock Premium

NBC’s Peacock streaming service is a decent pick if you don’t feel like adding any new subscriptions. You can join for free and enjoy a good share of Halloween focused content.

The free tier of Peacock is ad-supported so if you don’t mind the interruptions, you’ll be fine. However, you could upgrade to Peacock Premium to remove the ads and access the latest Hollywood blockbuster and the newest entry in the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends.

Halloween Ends opened simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock and had a successful weekend opening #1 at the box office. Although the film opened with $40.1 million, it performed way below expectations possibly due to it being the most streamed film or series ever on the platform over a 2-day period.

Peacock seems perfect for Halloween streaming with film categories like Peacocktober Picks and Freaky Franchises. You can watch franchise favorites like Child’s Play, Saw, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Fly, Predator, Psycho, Leprechaun and more.

Peacock also has live channels like Halloween Horror Nights and Universal Monsters where you can see much older classics featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Wolfman and more.

You can sign up to Peacock TV for free and enjoy the content on your favorite devices. Upgrade to Premium to unlock even more content and benefits for $4.99/month and remove ads with Premium Plus for $9.99/month.

If you’re looking for a scarily entertaining night of horror movies then subscribing to one of these horror streaming services can help you find the perfect line up of horror flicks.

From hard to find titles to Hollywood classics and blockbuster horror, you can decide what you want to see and find them on one or any combination of these services.

The good thing is that many of these have free trials so you don’t have to make Halloween night any more expensive than it already might be.

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